The Character of Forgiveness,

Do you notice how some people don’t forgive easily it seems? Some people need you to SAY SORRY. But you don’t want to? You say that is not being Christian. Why don’t they just forgive and forget. Why do you have to say sorry. Why do you have to actually look sad and say you were wrong and maybe even cry? Aren’t Christians supposed to be big hearted and all that?

I just don’t do that. That’s what people say. But what I’ve come to learn is that part of growing up is studying people. When you are a kid, you really love your parents, why? They do everything for you. But often we don’t really know anything about our parents until we are adults. They have personalities, history, quirks, many faults, they have great abilities and talents and through it all if you can love them still. Then you have found something very valuable.

Accepting people for who they are is a big part of learning to love someone. Forgiveness is a big part of loving someone. But even if you look in the Bible, there are different types of forgiveness. I’m venturing to say that they are different Persons of the GODHEAD. Jesus, the Son, is VERY FORGIVING. He tells Simon Peter to forgive seven times seven. That really means be infinitely forgiving. And He tells people not to let there be anger in your hearts before sundown. BUT, at the same time, He says the unpardonable sin is against the Spirit, not the Father or Son. What that means is the Spirit is the Woman, His Mama. Don’t mess with the LORD’s Mom.

Earlier in the Bible, Adonai Elohim, which is Hebrew for LORD GOD, says that He will NEVER FORGIVE. Is this is same Character as the Son? I don’t think so. My thinking, but Adonai Elohim (Creator of mainly the earth, is a Woman. Like the movie, Dogma by Kevin Smith says. She is the oft talked about Shekinah or Mother Earth.) So She (Not really He), Her Character is a little different. It is more feminine and although She is a He to us, She still expresses Herself in a feminine way. What I mean is that sometimes He can denote superiority or greatness instead of gender.

But, let’s start with what we can see. Your parents. Have you called your mom lately? Do you really know your dad? Have you called him lately. Do you accept them the way they are? Even though they messed up your life? Do you forgive them?


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  1. Forgiveness is a key part of living a happy life. Thanks for sharing.

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