Have Faith!

This is VERY IMPORTANT! We must have faith! If we don’t have faith, we can’t have what we want. Simple as that. Stretching your imaginations, daring to believe, daring to hold on to your dreams, daring to trust that Jesus the LORD will give you what you want, and being patient is very important.

If we know that GOD is all powerful. We know that He can do anything. If we know He loves us, that means He would do anything for us. There is just some reason(s) why we don’t get everything we want. But we can keep asking. We can keep seeking. We can keep knocking. But through it all, we must LOVE HIM, OBEY HIM, and keep a GOOD ATTITUDE. Right attitude.

When Jesus healed people in the Gospels. He didn’t say ‘Come here, I’ll heal you.’ If you really notice, Jesus didn’t really say anything at all.

Most of the time, Jesus just allowed the miracles to happen AS the people believed it would happen. Basically, it’s like Jesus was saying what can I do for you? And if a person says, “I believe if you just touch me, then I will be healed of my leprosy.” Then that’s what happened. Of course, Jesus is GOD and there were many cases where He just healed people. But mostly He was very pleased when we exercised our faith.

So, let’s do that! Have Faith!


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