The Children of GOD,

Truly, I tell you, what are GOD’s children? They may even work among you, but they really only have no purpose. Like the gifted children in the movie the Matrix, they are the seemingly stupid. Why mostly because they couldn’t hurt a fly if you paid them a million dollars. They often have powers, but never do anything for themselves. What are these people?

They are the children of GOD. Their only purpose is to make their Father and Mother in Heaven happy. That’s really it. They don’t ‘belong’ to anyone else, only their parents maybe. Because their parents have the responsibility to support them.

What some people have not realized is that some children of GOD NEVER grow up. Why? Because their Mother in Heaven wouldn’t have it. Ha-ha. Maybe for their entire lifetimes on Earth, they never serve a purpose or even make a penny of money. How do you recognize a child of GOD? They are often brilliant but misunderstood and they are upon first glance stupid and retarded. They are peaceful and the whole world seems to revolve around them. The sun shines right on top of them. But STILL, they are children of GOD, and at some level of understanding you recognize that. GOD who knows the hearts of all, would be very insulted to hear you say those thoughts about His Children. And what then would happen to you? They would have to pray for your forgiveness.

What can you do for a child of GOD? I don’t know, they have the best life and the worst life.

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