Don’t Shao Kan the Holy,

Shao Kan, or 小 看, in Chinese literally means look at to be small. It means to discount or consider ill. These days, people consider holiness and righteousness and goodness to be useless or of little practical value. They scoff at GOD’s holy people such as priests, pastors, monks, nuns, etc. All they do is nothing and pray and sing and act holy and look down on me.

I’ve met people, and I understand them. People usually are tough but their ability to take constructive criticism shows extreme sensitivity. And that’s good, what that really means is that they really know what is right and wrong. But, our ears are not attuned to that frequency. What we need for some in the outside and outer courts is a different communication method. We cannot criticize. We cannot say things we usually hear in the sanctuaries. Yes, they need to hear, but we cannot expect everyone to repent in the same way. How many ways are there to say sorry?

Does it have to be with head bowed, a verbal and tearful apology? Are we understanding enough to accept a look down and silence? Are we understanding enough to accept a blink? Are we understanding or powerful enough to see on the face that the sorry happened inside?

With super sensitive people, if you push too hard after the fact. Sometimes you will hurt the process and maybe even undo it. We need to be more flexible and sensitive ourselves. We need to be more sensitive to the leadings of the Spirit. And for that, no secret, we need to practice fasting.

Back on our side, Holiness, if you are not convinced IS SOMETHING. Why does GOD not explain this? Because it has to be discovered to be really fun! In my steps with GOD in greater and greater holiness what has happened? One, my relationships have improved. You become super nice and genuinely sweet and caring. I don’t care who you are (k/j), all people like good things. You can be a murderer but still love your nice, sweet mom. Two, my prayers are answered. GOD answers prayers, but He really answers the prayers of those He favors and that love and seek hard after Him. So that’s why we do these things. There is a material or practical side to holiness and prayers. It makes things happen. It brings the need-want into reality. Three, I’m still waiting for this to happen, but I believe that holiness cures people of disease. The prayers can do it, a touch can do it. I’ve received sickness from other people by hugging them or even just praying for them. I’m not bragging but just sharing with those of you out there doing the same thing; encouragement. What happened with Jesus and His Apostles? Eventually, they were able to heal through Jesus’ and Holy Spirit training, but they could heal with a Word or a touch, instantly! Now, what is that worth?


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