The Truth, Jesus the Bride Groom,

Our LORD Jesus talked about the End Times, and one of the signs was that the abomination that causes desolation would be standing in the Holy Place. Since these are the last days, I am instructed to reveal this.

What is the Holy Place? It is not the Holy of Holies, so it is the middle court. What it is today is the modern day church. The language in the Bible is sometimes very harsh to today’s ears, but an abomination is a monster or something GOD ‘hates’ or is detestable. Now, this is just my thinking, but the abomination is homosexuality and what causes desolation is war.

So, in my interpretation, the abomination that causes desolation standing in the Holy Place is:?

It is a openly gay pastor or priest that preaches war not peace. And we have that right now. We don’t see that yet. But it is here, and it will happen more and more. What can we do to avert this? Because the future visions or prophecies of the prophets are just that. Somethings are just a vision of WHAT COULD HAPPEN IF we don’t change our ways.

So, to nip this, I suggest this truth to be revealed:

When a child is not married yet, or has not found their partner in life. The Biblical View is that that child is not really male or female. It is only when that child joins with one of the opposite sex, that they start to express and discover and walk in their maleness or femaleness. That is another reason why homosexuals do not have the best that GOD wants.

Another secret being revealed to you today that will help is Jesus was the Bridegroom because? Inside He was like a Ma’am-Sir, as I hear so often from the Filipino cultures. Filipinos are very familiar with homosexuality or complex sexuality. Jesus was not gay. But He definitely had mastered having a soft side. He also was a mama’s boy, so He knew how to do most everything a woman could do, but of course He most likely always did it in a manly way. There is a school of thought, that a man should do woman’s work (as he accompanies his mom in early life), and then graduate to man’s work when he is old enough to ‘tolerate’ his father’s barking.

How can a man lead a woman if he doesn’t know anything about women? How can he talk to her if there isn’t anything womanly about him? Because that’s how we connect with people – like connects to like. GODly men are Ma’am-Sirs. They are both male and female. That is a big secret. And that’s why Jesu was called the Bridegroom.

If Christians can accept that our LORD was like this. Then perhaps we wouldn’t hate on gays, lesbians, and transgenders so much. It is hate that causes war. And misunderstanding that causes the creation of new gays who never wanted to be in the first place. Those who are or choose to be should be allow to live their lives in peace and without fear of judgment or persecution. I have no problem saying all that and even would go so far to say I have GOD’s endorsement on the spirit of what I said. It’s all good.


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