My Mother, I Get,

I have been so, so fortunate to have a second chance on life,

What I mean is, I was in a really serious car accident in 2001, and had to come home to Guam to rehab. And so I got to spend a lot of time with my mom and dad, especially my dad.

When I was growing up, my brothers and I never saw my dad enough. Maybe that’s why I have over compensated and spend all my time with my son. He really like it, he never can get enough of me. And I’ll enjoy this while I can, especially hugging on him and tender moments. Because it won’t last. Sometimes I wish my dad and i were closer but being a man doesn’t preclude this anymore. But my point, is my parents and I are solid. I know them very, very well. And I know them in deeper ways because of the same Spirit that binds us all.

My mother and all people, especially old people are not easy books. Prophet people often think they know it all and they are always right. It takes sensitivity and humility and truth to know that just as no one can understand the depths of the Spirit of GOD, know one can really understand the depths of anyone person created by GOD, just b/c we, people, are also spiritual beings.

My mother is a funny person, but her jokes are hard to get. She likes Bible jokes, she is not a laugh out loud jokey jokey type person, but her humor is more cerebral and sarcastic. My mother is very complicated because she is a disciplinarian and likes to argue, not debate but argue. Yet, she is most definitely a mature Christian. I can see the power of love and life within her because people are still drawn to her even though she has a very tough exterior. And all around her, trees, plants, flowers blossom and grow like there are no more tomorrows.

My mother likes to act. Her main purpose is to help and grow people and bless people. She allows people to dislike her, but it always works to bless people. She doesn’t really mind it, because she is very strong. And I just trust her, because she has many decades of helping people and observing people, so she must really understand the human personality. My parents like to give money away, but the problem is people are proud and they don’t often can return the money. My parents like to be assholes so that people will feel like they don’t have to return the money. You understand? I think about things a lot, maybe too much sometimes.

As we transition to Father’s Day, I’d like to transition my post. I just, just accepted the Father into my life, and He accepted me. The biggest issue He had with me, was my violent nature. I’ve since corrected that, and now my father and I are really getting to know each other and talk. It can be confusing, this world and the spiritual world, but as you mature you will be able to understand and phase back and forth. Behind it all, is the Most High GOD, and His purposes. It is difficult to understand the Father because He is so High and Big. But a lot of times when we need help deciding, it is often our biological fathers that our Father in Heaven chooses to speak through. Sometimes it is that simple. In this special months of May and June, don’t forget to call your parents and tell them, “I Love You!”


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