One of My Best Choices,

It was actually to get married and have my son, but,

One of my best choices in life was to choose to be kind. It wasn’t to be a Christian, for what does that really mean sometimes? It wasn’t to be a vegetarian. It was to choose to be kind. And what I mean by that is that in thought, word, and deed never do I ever intend to hurt anything or anyone.

How does this play out in real life?

Well, if a bug or ant is walking on your body, do you? a) Squash it immediately, without thinking you destroy a living albeit tiny masterpiece? b) most gently remove it from your body and onto another surface.

Decide to minimize your meat eating b/c you want to BE the change. It is my personal conviction that we as humans can just eat plants. In the Book of Enoch, we read that the whole meat eating was introduced to mankind by fallen angels. I wholeheartedly confess. Meat tastes great! But it is still cruel to animals. I’m sorry to say.

When people try to provoke me, when people put their shit on me, whatever the reason people be mean to me in thought, emotion, words, or deeds, I have decided that I will always just try to TAKE IT. For the cause of Christ. Because actually that is what Christ did. We live in a hurting world. And hurt people hurt people. It is a cycle of passing on pain and suffering and injustice. Being kind stops this continuous cycle. When you are being kind and take on other people’s pain and suffering you are being like Christ.

At some level, people know what is going on. They know and appreciate what you do for them. For example, since I stopped eating meat, I learned to be kind to animals. They really just want food. They are really easy to please. They also want to be treated with respect and they want their own space and to be able to raise up their young and not live in a dangerous world. But since I decided to be kind to ALL living things, butterflies, all insects, birds, cats, and dogs all seems to like me. They smile at me, stop by to say hi, and sometimes they help me, birds and dogs often guide me. Why? Because when you help someone/something, the favor is ALWAYS returned. And the soul or essences of these life forms want to have harmony and to give back. It takes spiritual eyes and ears to observe and then live this. I won’t get into this too much, but I believe that when you don’t eat animals they can smell it. If you eat chicken don’t expect any birds to like you anytime soon. Also, I have experience the aura of the human body. When you eat meat, your aura is changed. Animals see in a different spectrum, so when you have an aura they like, they will approach you. You can try this with babies too.

With people it is the same, but people are a little more guarded, jaded, and they often don’t say what they mean. But if you really want to be kind then be kind all the way and help. I noticed that when I smile more, people smile back more. I realized that when in your heart you clear away prejudice, preconceptions, and be open and love, life takes on a new meaning, color, and sound. Do not fear. But a lot of which movie you are in, also depends on your history. Work with GOD to clear and clean up your life and make it the life you always wanted. Being positive falls flat for some people because they just quit. It’s okay. Just keep on keeping on. As you do it, it just becomes easier like walking or running. Being hopeful, positive, having faith and trust in humanity are all very good things especially for your experience of life. So keep your head up and keep yourself in the light and walking on the clouds as well,


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