Jesus Loves the Homeless,

The dirty, smelly, refuses of people on the street we have so callously dismissed everyday. Fragment. Maybe we can stop and at least think about this for a second.

Does Jesus love everybody? Yes. Then what is going on here? On the surface level, these people have made some mistakes and wrong turns in their lives. They have ended up on the street with no money, no nothin.

But if you really observe, even homeless people have friends. Each other. They talk with each other and they have common experience and they share with each other.

At a deeper level, and I’m not saying Jesus especially loves them, but many of the homeless serve a very important purpose. They are visible reminders of the coldness and problems of our society. If we lived in a perfect place, we wouldn’t see this. There are places in America where there is not even one homeless person on the street because family is so important. Have you ever seen an old lady on the street begging for change? That is really hard to see. Where are her family?

GOD works on everybody and we need to trust our Father in Heaven. But many, many test from Him are to bring us back together. The think Protestants should hug a Catholic one day a week. And in turn, a Catholic should hug a Jewish person once. And in turn the Jewish people should hug an Essene. And the other six days, we can go back to fighting, ignoring each other, and thinking our group is the best.

I really don’t know how to help many homeless people. We may always have them with us, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying. Another reason we have homeless is that they are the grapes of discipline. Yes, they are responsible for their own state (the street), but at the spiritual level, they are bearers of GOD’s discipline. Note that I said discipline not wrath or punishment. As King Nebuchanezzar, after an ordained period of suffering, usually seven years, they will be restored.

And believe this or not, if you read Jeremiah and Ezekial the same way I do, GOD chooses the leaders or even the royalty of a people group to bear this. So when you see the homeless on the street, you may be seeing the rightful heir of the throne of France or Zimbabwe. Maybe not at that level of leadership, but many are nobility to say the least. That is what Jesus himself bore, for He was the King of the Jews. And that is why He seemed to favor or have a unique association with poor people. The suffering He suffered was for the prosperity of His people. That is the meaning of the lyrics:

‘I’m forgiven, because you’re forsaken,
and I’m accepted and you were condemned,
and I’m alive and well, your Spirit is within me,

Maybe we can add,

‘you were poor, so we could live well,’

I hope this post makes sense, my main point is if you see a homeless person, remember to at least say sorry. Maybe stop to pray for this person. Maybe give them another day of food. Give them a smile.


Public Information Service,

Pastors in the Christian church deserve your encouragement. Pastors deserve your best support. They have been called to serve your church community as counselors, friends, dads, moms, educators, and so many, many more roles. Pastors wear so many hats. If you really want to know what your pastor does just call him up and ask. You’ll be surprised. You will really be surprised if you have a small church and the pastor is doing everything on his own.

I write this, b/c I too have thought and said unfair things about good pastors. This was because I didn’t see or understand his job and just how busy they really were. For that I apologize.

I haven’t seen many pastors held up and honored in the media. It is always pastors in this scandal or how this priest did that. Pastors might not really have any close friends. Pastors always have to be positive when many people are very negative towards them. They not only suffer from burnout but I believe they may suffer or be prone to depression. Their job is very difficult and how would you feel if what you did was considered worthless?

Maybe someone should produce a book or video on what pastors do. Because it is surely needed. It would really help the community of believers and church as a whole.


Following Your Heart in Hard,

GOD has been teaching me to follow Him, to do what is right, because often the people around you will disagree. Or they will get mad. Or they will cry and make noises.

When you can see what is the right thing to do, often you just have to do it. Recently, everyone around me has been discouraging. But I can see what is the plan, what people need and want, and what I must do. This is because I really know my people. But, everyone is getting set in their ways, is afraid, and just plain unwilling to do anything.

It’s GOD and me, and surprisingly my 4 year old son. He told me, “It’s me and you, Dad.” I will always remember this.

But you may think, “Why not wait it out and let GOD figure it out and do something and open a door?” I have thought about that and prayed about that and that’s not what’s going on here. GOD is calling for action. If nothing is done, nothing will change, and everyone will not receive the blessings GOD has for us. Sometimes, as we grow perfect, GOD puts more on our plate, gives us more to do, and expects more from us. When I’m up against something that is too big for me, I’ll know. And I’ll be the first to fall on my knees and ask for Divine help or help from others that offer it. But I’m all for doing my part and doing everything I can when I can. If that is wrong then I don’t want to be right,


Crazy, Permissive Child Rearing,

As I age, like good beef, cheese, or something else, I am just becoming a big softie. I don’t like how most people raise their kids. OK, that sounded strange, but you know what I mean. I am not one for ‘permissive’ parenting, but I think most child psychologist and teachers don’t have it all right.

-Kids aren’t stupid. When you realize that, you will start to have real conversations with them, and really connect with them. Parents usually go into ‘commando mode’ with their children. All day, just telling them what to do and teaching them and lecturing them.

-Let’s keep our kids happy. Happiness, joy, is the experience of life. So much of teaching our kids to be responsible results in blah and unhappy and sometimes downright mean times.

-Kids aren’t trying to be irritating or get you mad. They are just like that. You can tell in the eyes. Short of being mean and rebellious, my kid can do no wrong. They can do anything they want, as long as it is not dangerous.

-We’re the ones that have issues, have bad memories and experiences, have bad days, have bad hair, have bad tempers. We NEED to stop taking it out on our kids.

-Finally, and this is not comprehensive, but a start to us thinking about things, you had them to be happy and fill them. So don’t do this halfway. Give them what they want. We’re the stingy ones. And if you stop and think, kids don’t really ask for a lot. And even if they ask a lot, most likely they just want to talk to you. You’ve told them you can’t afford all that. And they understand that, so maybe they just want you to always say ‘yes’ to them. I don’t know, they are your kids, and you only have a short time with them before they fly the nest, so make the most of it. You have plenty of time for you later. If you can stand you, just joking.


A Look at Favoritism, a Study of James

We saw that in James 1, a major trial of life is to be happy with your lot in life. If it is to be a humble person, to accept that and not want to be a rich person. And vice versa. Yes, unbelievable, but often times especially spiritual, wealthy people want to have a humble and simple life.

In James 2, this chapter is written to the rich. Surprisingly, it is revealed here, that most of the time, not all, the poor in the church, are the leaders in matters of faith. What is the cause of much suffering in a monetized world where we all depend on a money system? It is money or the lack thereof. In Jewish Scripture, the righteous, wealthy man runs after the poor to give to him. In many stories, we see the rich and the poor, working together. The rich gives out of love, and the poor has to accept in humility. If GOD created us all complete and without need and without each other, why would we need to come together? It is yet another way GOD binds us together as family and community.

The rich set up the money system. Alan Greenspan, a Hebrew, obviously an economic genius, is most likely a rich genius. Being rich is a talent. Understanding money and how to handle and make money is a talent. Some people just don’t understand it. Most people don’t, that is why they can just get jobs and be told what to do. Money is a game, like monopoly but for real. But with any game, battle, or anything, you need luck or GOD on your side. And to get GOD on your side, you really NEED to be nice to people, take care of people.

James uses VERY strong language and metaphors:
– exploitation of poor, dragging them into courts, blaspheming (which just means disrespecting GOD) the name of Jesus,
– Love your neighbor as yourself, adultery, murder, etc.,

James reminds us that Christ chose a humble life. James himself it seems chose a humble life. Maybe people weren’t giving to him as he thought they should. But most likely the anger we hear in James about the treatment of the poor is godly anger at the sight of parents not being taken care of by their children, leaders who chose poverty in order to serve GOD and the poor and the spiritual needs of others not being taken care of by others, etc. The suffering experienced by those in leadership was unnecessary if others did their part. One reason, in my thinking, James mentions the Law, is because if you really study the Law of Hashem (as the Jews call GOD), it is 613 Laws. The Law is not only 10 or 7 Noahide Rules or 2. For those not keeping 10, keeping 613 is totally out of reach. But we need to know there are 613 Laws. Some of them seem stupid, like not cutting your hair, but that’s the difference between Divine Law and the Law of Man. Man’s laws are more practical and based on different principles. One main principle on which Divine Law is based on is Love for GOD. If you love your mother, and she insists that you pick out all the blue M&Ms before serving her up some M&Ms in a crystal bowl for your time together every month, then you just do it. So Divine Law states, if you Love GOD, just don’t cut the hair at the sides of your head. Silly? Yes, but.

Just LOVE,

A Short Lesson on Toughness,

I want to be tougher,

Not meaner,

Not heartless,

Not cynical,

Not sharper,

but say whatever you want to say, do whatever you want to do, I’ll never hurt you,

think how you want, because I love you, yes, even you,

Road Trips,

I saw the show Road Trips on TV, where a few 20 somethings drive around in a RV and interview famous people from the RV and asking the same question,”How do you know what to do with your life?”

The answer always seems to be the same,

“Follow your heart”

“Do what you love,”

What if you interviewed my parents? They would say, “Get a job, any job!” Ha-ha. Parents come from a different perspective, b/c to them you will always be the poopy diaper wearing kid that didn’t even know how to put on their shoes right. And now, kids don’t even have to learn how to tie shoe laces. They got it easy now.

A big fear of young people is that they will end up on Skid Row or as a crazy homeless person or bag lady. That is good that you don’t want that. As someone who almost ended up there, I can say that if that is something you DON’T want, then you just have to have PREVENTATIVE MEASURES. The biggest reason homeless people are homeless is NOT b/c they don’t have money or they are lazy. The two biggest reasons in my seeing are:

1) They have severed ties with family. Everyone has somebody. If you don’t have anybody, even if they are far away. If you don’t have anybody at all, then most likely you will end up on the street. You got to have somebody or something like a support group or even a church. So preventative measure number one, always have somebody or a safety net.

2) They have mental illness. People with mental illness often DON’T REALIZE or keep forgetting that they are mentally ill. Mental illness can be heredity. It can be the result of physical or emotional trauma. It can be the result of drug abuse. It can be the result of confusion or reading wrong books or listening to the wrong, toxic people. So, be careful. The surest sign that you have a mental condition IS, communication ability. People with mental problems when given a paper to write an essay, most often, blank out or write things that are not readable. There is a lack of flow, coherence, structure, order, etc. Writers are often the best mental doctors because they can read what thoughts are there and how thinking is put together. If you think you might have a condition, please visit a doctor. There is no shame in that. Everyone has something and after some treatment you may be cured. Praying to Jesus for healing won’t hurt either.

Hopefully, I have eased your fears a little. Can you really achieve your dream life like those actors and other famous people on tv? Yes, of course! But in order to get what you want you really have to know what you want, and have some kind of plan, and work that plan, and pray, and make good decisions, and do good and help people. That’s my two cents for the day. It’s your life,

Bible Study – James 1: 1-12, Trials, Bigger Trials, Biggest Trial,

Be patient, younglings, as you grow in the Spirit, you will have more of the Spirit, more eyes to see, and ears to hear,

Don’t depend on others, but figure and prayer and meditate on GOD’s Word yourself,

But as there are paradoxes stated in the Bible, the point is Spiritual Truth is hard to explain but IS UNDERSTOOD with your heart, depend on me, I pray a spirit of understanding be imparted to you,

If you can explain it adequately, maybe you could be a pastor or pastorette,

That said, let’s look at the text:

1 James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ,

To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations:


Trials and Temptations

2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. 6 But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7 That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. 8 Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.

9 Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position. 10 But the rich should take pride in their humiliation—since they will pass away like a wild flower. 11 For the sun rises with scorching heat and withers the plant; its blossom falls and its beauty is destroyed. In the same way, the rich will fade away even while they go about their business.

12 Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

We are to consider it joy when we are tested? That is hard to do, but becomes easier as you become stronger. Sometimes we don’t grow well, but complain and whine, and that’s ok, it just shows us where we are in our growth. But our faith is growing by the testing which everyone has experience of. Part of having a more developed faith is having perseverance. We can see perseverance in someone who prays diligently and consistently for something from the LORD Jesus UNTIL they get it.

It is beautiful and refreshing to hear that GOD provides, we just have to know first that He does not want us to lack anything. Psychologically, if we rationally think GOD wants us to suffer, be poor, always suffer lack, then we will choose that and that will be our experience of life.

It’s not that the LORD Jesus doesn’t want to give us. The passage says we should not EXPECT to receive, because we didn’t show the faithfulness and put in the work to get what we wanted. But as the Rich Landowner in the Parable of the Workers, GOD always gives us what we need, anyways, because He loves us.

I like to take a breath and take a step back to understand the flow of the text, to help word or frame, for your understanding this passage. James first talks about the importance of testing and trials. It is to grow us up. It is to help us trust and know GOD. Many of our trials, if you think about is are about character, yes, but they revolve around our needs.

We often live our days needing this and wanting that. And that my friends is the basic summary of existence. We need to know that GOD,

GOD gives us generously and without finding fault.

So the bigger context is, a trial of being rich and being poor. That is simplified but also a major experience of life. You either see yourself as a poor or humble person, and we often want more money. That is your experience of life. And the rich, when spiritual, are often seen as moneybags, and they often wish for a humble life. The grass is always greener they say. Also the rich, in the spiritual world, are sometimes marginalized when it comes to spiritual things. Just give me the money.

The biggest trial is life itself, if you stand til the end. You receive the crown of life from Jesus Christ. I expect mine to be big, heavy, gold, with many jewels – blue ones. I like blue.

As I posted about before, there is the idea of pre-existence and we all heard about the after world, or after life. Our brothers, the Jewish people, have many writings on pre-existence. It’s possible that we lived as baby spirits in some other realm before being born here. This life is a trial or set of lessons to be learned. So be patient, be good, and attentive, and learn your lessons well, please,



If I had my child to raise over again:
I’d build self-esteem first and the house later
I’d finger paint more and point the finger less
I would do less correcting and more connecting
I’d take my eyes off the watch and watch with my eyes
I would care to know less and know to care more
I’d take more hikes and fly more kites
I’d stop playing serious and seriously play
I would run through more fields and gaze at more stars
I’d do more hugging and less tugging
I’d see the oak tree in the acorn more often
I would be firm less often and affirm much more
I’d model less about the love of power
And more about the power of love.

~Diane Loomans

Objects of *ate,

I don’t like to say the word anymore, b/c I don’t want to, I want to Love,

Just as people often come home and ‘kick the dog’, everyday, multiple times a day, people need to vent their frustrations, act out, snap, etc at someone whether they have the permission or not.

To me, this is weakness. But, truthfully, it is human nature. As followers of Christ, we are changing into the Divine simply through His instructions, and Divine providence of whatever spiritual strengthening and inner changes are needed. In my experiences, these objects of *ate are:

1) Religious people (esp. Christians),
2) Homosexuals,
3) Poor people,
4) Ethnic minorities,
5) The Weak (women, children, those with handicaps, minorities, etc.)
4) Women (esp. Mom),
5) Animals,
6) The Devil,

This behaviour is so ingrained into society, that check yourself. You may be doing this unconsciously, and that would not be Christ-like behaviour in my opinion. It’s gut check time, can you take the day to day of life? Another secret I have discovered is that life takes on the form? of your beliefs. Whatever you think that is what can/will happen. Thousands of years ago, if you told someone we would be flying in gigantic metallic tubes, you would have been thrown in the looney bin and the key thrown away as well. But, someone had the vision the thought that airplanes could be reality. So, if we simply think that I can take the hardships of life

WITHOUT taking it out on others,

Couldn’t that really happen? Maybe not in one day, but maybe after a week of holding in your frustrations and anger, your body would be able to swallow it up, and perhaps the Divine would pull it out of you as you slept. It was my experience that frustrations, anger, – pent up would eventually explode because it was always there. You could always let it out slowly and in small amounts, or swallow it up like Yoda absorbed the lightning Dark Force power from Siths.

That guy is cool,

Honesty the Policy,

Honestly, now, I can’t imagine being any other way. Why? Because of the GOD life. What is that? GOD life is where you are living in the Kingdom. The experience of it is unlike when I was walking in darkness.

GOD life IS reality, because GOD is real. He is the Creator of All, and holds His position of Ruler and Lover of All. And in reality, if you haven’t (yet) the eyes to see, honesty is really the only Way.

We hear in the pulpit that GOD sees everything and knows everything. Well, at some level, EVERYONE knows what you did and what you said and what you thought, because everything is plugged into the Divine. There is some sharing or collective-ness of intelligence which people often call the Soul or Collective Soul.

People are more sensitive than we think. And people are less conscious of everything than we think. It IS as Christ said, people ‘know not what they do’. Many people are confused. The leaders I see are the elders, older folk, and Angels and other spiritual beings. Even dark spirits know and see more and often, in their way, seek to help people make the right choices. Most likely they receive credit from the Almighty for doing so.

People also are short sighted and not so trusting in the divine providence of the LORD Jesus, GOD. It is hard to always do the right thing when we see that we are losing something. But, it’s always like that. The LORD Jesus will always give you more. Often we only see what we are missing and not all that is coming in. Commiting to goodness is also difficult because we see and hear examples of evil winning and bad getting the prize and good people getting nothing or losing. That happens, but my experience is that GOD rewards good, and evil may win (because GOD loves everybody) in the short term, but GOD can not reward bad (merely allows bad to be blessed). GOD is very, very patient and when someone says GOD is unfair. It always seems that way when you are losing out, but GOD has to think about everyone. When we are in our more enlightened states and cheerful moods we can agree to that. Let’s be strong and unwavering in commitment to honesty and trust and goodness,

Be good all the way! Don’t be a halfway Saint,

Current Events: The Tom and Katie Split,

What do I have to say about this?

Divorce is no new thing to Americans or anybody. Now that I’m mature, I’ve realized that divorce, man-woman shtuff has always for the most part been the same. The good thing is that nowadays, women are more empowered and independent than before. Which, somewhat, begs the question. Are the teachings of Jesus on divorce still valid?

Jesus was a LOVER of women and defender of the weak and impoverished. He was made wrongs right and freely gave to all who came to Him. When we read His Words on divorce it seems He is saying no divorce at all, for any reason. But I read Him as saying,

‘Do not abandon women when they still love you, if they still need you, if you have responsibility to them and your children.’

I recently have a complicated relationship, marriage with my wife. And when I hear my parents’ stories and remember stories of immigrants and their temporary splits, it seems separations are really no big deal and commonplace in the life cycle of a marriage. When I was emotional about it, I thought,

I have blessed my wife mostly, and even if we were to split now, FOR GOOD, wouldn’t we have blessed each other and improved each other since we met? Also, if the split is mutually decided to be mutually beneficial, then there is no choice but to move forward. There always is the possibility of getting back together again. And on the flipside, not my marriage, of course, but sometimes at least for a time, a couple needs to be apart so they can remember how much they love each other and not take each other for granted. As long as both know, that they REALLY want to be together and they are meant to be. Sometimes, it just isn’t working, and you just split.

But reality and sanity returned to me, and I realized what my little family needs to do. My wife and I love each other to the end,

Whatever the case maybe, we can breathe easier, Christians, knowing or thinking,

‘We have to admit it is getting better, getting better all the time…’

In some sense, Christians who believe very strongly in the infallibility and innerancy of the Bible, and only the Bible are in my opinion having tunnel vision,

The Bible is only one book, and it contains writings in it from thousands and thousands of years ago,

In our early Christians years, we were strong to say the Bible is NOT out of date. Now, I am saying, not so strongly, but respectfully, that some aspects of it ARE out of date. And we have to know which ones. That is what makes us discerning and mature and intelligent and useful members and elders of Christ. Because as elders and interpreters of the Bible, the younger members look to us to know what is right and wrong, and even HOW TO THINK. Teaching wrong doctrine and example can really, really wreak havoc in the community and these are real people’s lives.

Let me end by saying, I believe that the Bible is THE TEXT. But, we shouldn’t be fearful to venture out and read others. And we shouldn’t be fearful to teach, knowing that GOD knows our hearts. And I’d like to finalize by saying, I am teaching here, but hopefully my style and words will be more GOD, and Jesus and less me. I don’t want to teach, I don’t want to give advice, because I realized that advice is personal. What worked for you, WILL NOT work for someone else, the best advice is always to empower people and let them and encourage them to figure things and do things for themselves. And show them how to find help if they need it.


P.S. – Oh yeah, and it’s sad that Tom and Katie split. But, I’m sure Suri will still see them enough and have the best. Tom and Katie may get back together again, they may not, but I pray that Jesus blesses and keeps them always,

P.S.S. – Yes, and if Christians made more common sense, perhaps more regular folk, people would join up. Sometimes, our thinking although noble and admirable is not workable in this world. We have to be both noble and workable. Or something like that. Sorry it’s a Saturday and I’m hungry,

P.P.S.S. – Chomp,

My Hats Off To Our African American Bros and Sisters,

On my way to Los Angeles from Guam,

I was stopped both in Guam and in Hawaii by Airport Security. Because of my appearance, largeness (and in-charge-ness, haa), and sweatiness, and the metal in my hip and legs, I was pulled aside and searched more thoroughly, if you understand.

My son was there watching. And on the second leg of the trip, I helped a elderly, larger, African American woman navigate the airport in Hawaii. The Hawaii airport can be confusing if you haven’t been there before. After I exited the search room with my son with perhaps a upset look on my face, there was the woman walking by, smiling assurance. She said, “Now you know …”

If we stop to think, and really be honest. The African American people are extremely intelligent, loving, soulful, and talented people. But, as a community, when we compare us peoples, they seem the most robust and threatening. Their size, strength, power, and dark skin may intimidate us and so we don’t often look at them as people, but we often cannot get past the surface. What I mean by that is, we think “Big, scary, dark skin, scary, tall, scary…” and so we have an emotional or subconscious aversion or negative preconception already.

Just as you can or even want to get close to an elephant, lion, or rhino at the zoo, couldn’t we show the same kind of open-mindedness and trust and interest in a fellow man? People are strange. Us people just don’t make sense sometimes, and we’re suppose to be at the top of the chain,

Something We Can All Work On, p.1

You ever know people, kids, that treat you hard or are hard on you, but are so easy on other people? They are so generous to the church and pay the people they hire very well, but they are stingy with you, their own kids? You are thinking, “What the!” Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Some Christians are like this too, they are nice to ‘the church’ but what about your own family? We often seek out church because we cannot be with family, but often we stop working on improving things within our own families. The verse that shows that family is foundational is the one that says one cannot rule the church unless you have demonstrated that you can rule your own family well.

Chinese are notorious for this. The culture is often caught up with showing or having ‘face’. So reputation and name in the community are very important. But they often do this at the cost or expense of their own families. It is inside out and backwards if you ask me. It is like someone who uses their money to take care of others but not their own families. In a world if everyone took care of someone else’s, that system COULD work, and often is what Christians do. But, isn’t it more efficient and common sense to just take care of your own FIRST? If you haven’t mastered that, then you CANNOT move on to more public works. Makes sense to me,

Why the New Layout?

The new layout represents a new outlook on life. I believe GOD punishes and chastises, BUT only for a time. And that time has now passed for me, for us. And so, we have to know that GOD now wants us to have a good life, a beautiful life, an interesting life, and an abundant life, plus much, much more.


The victories you have given me,

I remember the day you spoke to me in the hospital, your Voice has a vibration, a quality I will never forget,

I remember the day I stood up for the first time after my car accident. I thought I would never walk again,

You cured my mother of cancer so she could attend to me, !!!

You woke me from my deep dark sleep and started me walking in the light (~Fall 2002)

You helped me through to get my Masters Degree,

You healed me, from disease, from brokenness, from uselessness, and I married,

Joshua Chen, my son, Your son, came,

I started, Health World, my business, I was so proud,

When the local power company made a large billing error, it was you that came through and reversed it,

I finally started a successful computer business,

I met many of the best on Guam,

When I was down to my last dollar, you sent the ‘miracle check’,

It’s as said in the movie, ‘Nothing is impossible with Jesus’,

We should all be bold to say your Name, Jesus,



There is none that loves us more than He, that much is true,