The victories you have given me,

I remember the day you spoke to me in the hospital, your Voice has a vibration, a quality I will never forget,

I remember the day I stood up for the first time after my car accident. I thought I would never walk again,

You cured my mother of cancer so she could attend to me, !!!

You woke me from my deep dark sleep and started me walking in the light (~Fall 2002)

You helped me through to get my Masters Degree,

You healed me, from disease, from brokenness, from uselessness, and I married,

Joshua Chen, my son, Your son, came,

I started, Health World, my business, I was so proud,

When the local power company made a large billing error, it was you that came through and reversed it,

I finally started a successful computer business,

I met many of the best on Guam,

When I was down to my last dollar, you sent the ‘miracle check’,

It’s as said in the movie, ‘Nothing is impossible with Jesus’,

We should all be bold to say your Name, Jesus,



There is none that loves us more than He, that much is true,

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