Something We Can All Work On, p.1

You ever know people, kids, that treat you hard or are hard on you, but are so easy on other people? They are so generous to the church and pay the people they hire very well, but they are stingy with you, their own kids? You are thinking, “What the!” Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Some Christians are like this too, they are nice to ‘the church’ but what about your own family? We often seek out church because we cannot be with family, but often we stop working on improving things within our own families. The verse that shows that family is foundational is the one that says one cannot rule the church unless you have demonstrated that you can rule your own family well.

Chinese are notorious for this. The culture is often caught up with showing or having ‘face’. So reputation and name in the community are very important. But they often do this at the cost or expense of their own families. It is inside out and backwards if you ask me. It is like someone who uses their money to take care of others but not their own families. In a world if everyone took care of someone else’s, that system COULD work, and often is what Christians do. But, isn’t it more efficient and common sense to just take care of your own FIRST? If you haven’t mastered that, then you CANNOT move on to more public works. Makes sense to me,

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  1. A very important message! There is an order of our responsibilities. I’m not sure how all of it plays out, but we can be sure our immediate call is to our personal homes. Spouse and children must be the priority in our lives followed by ‘to the ends of the earth’ …then self. Thanks for the urgent reminder good friend. God bless.

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