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Pastors in the Christian church deserve your encouragement. Pastors deserve your best support. They have been called to serve your church community as counselors, friends, dads, moms, educators, and so many, many more roles. Pastors wear so many hats. If you really want to know what your pastor does just call him up and ask. You’ll be surprised. You will really be surprised if you have a small church and the pastor is doing everything on his own.

I write this, b/c I too have thought and said unfair things about good pastors. This was because I didn’t see or understand his job and just how busy they really were. For that I apologize.

I haven’t seen many pastors held up and honored in the media. It is always pastors in this scandal or how this priest did that. Pastors might not really have any close friends. Pastors always have to be positive when many people are very negative towards them. They not only suffer from burnout but I believe they may suffer or be prone to depression. Their job is very difficult and how would you feel if what you did was considered worthless?

Maybe someone should produce a book or video on what pastors do. Because it is surely needed. It would really help the community of believers and church as a whole.


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