Matthew 23 – Serve

I’ve been thinking and rethinking my approach to ministry. I mean, I’m sure I do good and all that. But, as I study and live and prepare for my ministry, I am starting to see that Jesus simply wanted us to be servants.

Don’t call anyone Teacher,
Don’t call anyone Father,
Don’t call anyone Instructor,

But just as it is not possible to reach some people without being something or a way that they can understand, not everyone can practice this type or level of ministry. It is more important to be faithful to where the LORD Jesus places us.

What the above paraphrase of the LORD’s Words mean to me is that we shouldn’t always minister from a position of authority. We tell people they should do this, and they shouldn’t do that. Why can we? Because of our titles and position. I think Jesus is telling us that we should just serve, love, and give. If people ask and if they need our advice, we can maybe offer a little. But, it is best people figure things for themselves anyways.

What does that look like? I think this type of ministry is more like how a mother would be like. Remember the Oracle in the Matrix films? The crew of the Matrix went to visit the Oracle. Instead of visiting a high and holy temple, they went into a simple apartment and sat with her as she baked cookies. I used to drive a BMW and had a Louis Vuitton pen. I don’t need these things anymore. It’s not that those things aren’t nice or that I wouldn’t have them. I had to choose between them and other things and the other things won out. Sometimes religious leaders need those things because they like them, and sometimes they need them to be able to connect to others. Jesus didn’t need any of those things, yet He was the best minister ever.


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