Sower, Reaper, Gatherer, Grape, Wheat, What?

What are these jobs? They are very hard to understand, especially since people these days don’t grow their own food. I have some idea because I had a little farm for a while. And I have some prophetic thoughts on this. I say prophetic because it is divined and I don’t really know what I am talking about. When you hear a pastor or priest speak and it gets deep and it is spiritual, a lot of times that is prophetic utterance, given from above to the speaker to bless you the hearer.

In the LORD Jesus’ parables, who is the sower? He is the sower. And missionaries are sowers. Anyone who is sent out to some field is a sower. And when they work they are doing very important work of spreading seed which is the Word of GOD. The Son of GOD is with them, right there when they speak. Yes, a pastor is sowing in the sanctuary! Even when you see a preacher at the Santa Monica Pier (amusement park) and it seems no one is paying attention. Who are we to say GOD didn’t send him to a very hard, dry field to work it. I’ve had to work dry, hard ground on Guam. The soil is not soft, brown topsoil at all. It is rocky and dry. I’ve often had to use a pickax to break it up. We had to allow weeds to grow to break it up and create a little soil when it dries and dies. Spreading seed is the toughest job that’s why Jesus says the sower is the Son of Man.

But often there is only one sower per locale. That is why Jesus says those who are with me gather to me, and those not with me scatter. Other sowers like Himself, spread out and scatter. But all sowers often have a team of gatherers with them. Who are these? They are the angels. How do you earn your wings? That is a topic for another day. But gatherers are those that receive what is due the landowner of GOD, the Father. A sower should have been a gatherer already. The sower is team leader.

What are grapes and wheat? Who are they? They are mentioned in Revelations aren’t they? They are talked about often by the prophets. The prophets are known by their fruit – grapes and dates. And what about sheep? Who do they represent? Let me know what you think?


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