GOD loves Chinese,

When I was young, we were PROUD to be Chinese. Chinese invented gunpowder. We have almost 5,000 years of history. Chinese invented silk. Chinese look like aliens, so we are more advanced.

But now, after living in the United States and other places too. I confess, Chinese are not all that. We have a long history of human rights abuses. We have a long history of disregard for the freedom of choice. But mostly, we the Chinese EAT EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Yuck!

With, the building wave of vegetarianism, I hope the Chinese ride this. For in the Bible, GOD tells us what foods are clean and unclean. In the beginning, people only ate fruits and green vegetables and leafs. The Apostle Peter had his vision, why? Ask seasoned Christians in Chinese church and they’ll tell you have the freedom to eat what you want. That is true, but GOD always gives us freedom. If you want GOD’s best, you’ll return to the fruits and veggies. Sometimes it is good to be a Gentile, you get to eat all kinds of crazy stuff, but to me, I only eat to eat with other people (ministry). At home, I eat the best, or at least try to.

Part of why, the Apostle Peter and the others ate. It was said by Jesus Himself, that He ate and drank. That’s how special He was. He was the exception and LORD of the Sabbath. These days, some Essenes will tell you the fact that the original teachings of Jesus (Yahshua) on vegetarianism were changed. That is true. But, maybe the LORD allowed this, because He knew how slow the eating habits of the world would be changed. And our LORD is reluctant to lose anyone. He paid for all, it is best that all be saved! The Chinese are the craziest eaters and I pray that the Chinese learn to be more discerning about what they put into their mouths. For there are spiritual ‘consequences’ for even small things like this.

Just as there is blood money. We understand that. When you buy coffee that is not fair trade, you are a party to the unfair treatment of workers. I’m not trying to burden you but encourage you, for GOD is the judge of the heart and knows when you tried your best or not. If you are Chinese and reading this, I am Chinese, and please know that animals are also living beings with hearts, souls, and minds. Eating more vegetables to be kind to animals and for your better health will also result in blessings from above and a greater experience of heaven on earth.


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