I Discerned Our Mother,

One of the gifts of Spirit is the discerning spirits,

Mostly, people I’ve come across with the gift can discern good or bad. They can usually sense the presence of ‘bad’ spirits or the general spiritual climate or tone of a room or place.

But, after the truth of the formlessness of spirits is now sinking in, I can see that often spirits talk to us through everyone and everything. If you are a ‘spiritist’ or ‘medium’ in the OT Bible, you would get stoned to death. So where the line between being a spiritist or medium and a prophet or seer or oracle? I think, the line is who or Who you serve? Do you do what you do for money or self? Or do you do what you do out of Love for GOD and your fellow living beings? Sorry, I’m playing James the Just and not the Living Christ.

Yesterday, a beautiful African American woman sat next to me. She asked for a bus token. She said she had been asking around for hours and no one would even give her a token (which cost only one dollar). Of course, I gave. But, she said she just came from church and just needs a ride home. She showed/flashed the Bible. What was interesting was the way she dressed. She wasn’t in a business suit or typical garb that women wear so well to church. She was wearing purple and her clothes were very unique looking like she made them herself. There was gold in there and she told me, ‘I’m not a homeless person.’ I told her I look more like a homeless person than she, and she started to cry. And she told me a bunch of things I don’t really remember but I got the meaning.

After I went home, I thought about it again. And many things she said touched on things I was thinking about or things that happened to me lately. Lately, I’ve been wondering how I can treated the Mother Earth better. How can we commit to recycling, to using safe products, creating less waste, treating animals better, treating all life better even trees and bugs? How about just being sick so the bacteria can have a chance to live? I know it’s madness.

Well, I heard our Mother Earth there. She is a Living Spirit. A Great One! She is in a lot of pain b/c we are not treating Her well at all. And She’s Black. She has mostly appeared to me as So. A secret is all living bodies have spirits. So is Earth a big rock? No, it is a planetary body, and She has a Living Spirit. Our bodies were creating from Her, so She is our Mother. We have a Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother. The Heavens are also masculine and feminine, etc. Please think about it. But, the first step, and we have to take a step back, is to reconnect with the Earth Mother, for Malkuth (The Kingdom) is the Mother Earth Spirit. And She is the root of the Tree of Life, and our first step towards the Kether (Crown) or Most High Heavenly Father and Mother.

Let’s LOVE our Mother Earth, remember Her, She’s crying…

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