Hallelujah! Amen! Uh, huh?

When we have joy in our hearts we often say “HALLELUJAH”!

When we hear something we like or wish for, we say, “AMEN”!

But why?

Sometimes, it’s just because,

But wanting to know why is important too,

Often when a question forms in our minds, we might need to go another step and ask, “Do I really want to know the answer to this question?” Just as we have meta-knowledge, we now have a meta-question,

Because unanswered questions, like unanswered prayers, can build up, and yes, like Bruce Almighty, this can give you a headache,

Hallelujah, if one looks at Hebrew (arguably, the language of the Kingdom, and a higher vibration language,), Hallelujah is H, L, L, L, J, H, because Hebrew has no vowels.

H = ‘Heh’,
This is the Breath of GOD,

L = ‘Lamed’,

J = ‘Yod’,
The Divine Spark,

Some extra characters for fun,


If you understand pictographic languages, you combine the meanings of the forms so to speak, and the ideas or meaning you get, is the meaning,


This One is 4 The Kids!

I am empathic, that means I can feel the emotions of others, even at a distance of 200 ft., once. For me, it is not an ability but a gift, which means it is Divinely orchestrated to turn on or off when I need to feel that for some reason, usually to take some kind of action either to speak out or even take drastic action.

Today, I walked past an Elementary School, and what did the Group Spirit of ‘Kids’ say to me and individual kids too? They are very sad. We often consider kids weak. And we pick on them. We make them feel bad, because we don’t feel good. They are very sad and hurt inside, YET they are able to soldier on and SMILE everyday, and be JOY for you,

Ouch. Don’t I feel like a jerk. Because I am a parent too, and I hurt my child too. Sometimes unknowingly, sometimes carelessly, but often out of ignorance and sometimes, GOD forbid, willingly.


Don’t hurt your children.

Please don’t LORD yourself over them, this is a New Age, and we may try to serve each other and help each other. Of course, the children best be nice and listen, because parents understand many things about life on this earth and how to live and survive. But, the children are NOT dumb, and they are NOT bad, and their ways of doing things are NOT wrong.

We still need to guardian and keep our children, but let’s correct and encourage most gently. And discipline most gently. We can model best behavior and allow GOD to do some talking for us. Kids are all naturally clairvoyant especially these days, so we cannot fake them out. They know if we are not doing our best.

Please forgive us,
We love you,
Let’s start over again,

This One is for Jude,

Remember when Jude, the brother of James, said,

Paraphrase: ‘These people slander celestial beings…when the Archangel Michael argued with the Adversary, he dared not bring an accusation against him, but only said, ‘The LORD rebuke you!’

Something our world highly values is TALENT:

But, I’m here to say whaat about respect for elders, what about humility, and what about goodness and holiness?

Remember in the movie ‘Dogma?’ by the Prophet Kevin Smith? Ben Affleck’s character, the Angel Grigori, Bartleby starts a rant, and I remember he saying something like,

‘Angels have to bow and scrape…for although we most revere and serve GOD, humans are most loved,’

and he was jealous and crazy mad,

in the book of Hebrews it says, ‘Aren’t Angels ministering spirits sent to serve those that will inherit salvation?’

Given that, it seems humans are higher beings, and even in the Judaic books, the Haggadah, it says that GOD told the Angels to bow to Adam. I’m inclined to think or bow, that it was not bow down, but to bow, and show respect.

For what resonates with me is that Angels ARE higher beings. And the way it works in GOD’s system is the Greater serves the Lesser. The strong don’t exploit or bully the weak, but they help and protect. So, Bartelby was being punished, but people are not especially favored over Angels, they are like our brothers and sisters. Many of them took part in Creation so they have a feeling or father-ness or mother-ness too. We should not ‘command’ or Lord our ministering Angels, because they might get turned off or even angry, just as a parent with a irrate and insensitive child may be.

In the Higher Worlds, there is no ‘work’. We are given all we need to survive, and we just spontaneously and automatically do what we are meant to do, what we like. Any ‘missions’ or ‘special assignments’ garner rewards and special gifts even honor and other things like that,

I look forward to that,
and thank my Angels for loving me,


Today I Remember,

It is the Day of Atonement today, and although I’m not an ethnic Jew, I’m one. I feel rundown, so I’m just fasting a couple of meals today and taking advantage of GOD’s Grace, heh heh. Just jokin,

I remember that GOD saved and delivered the Jewish people from Egypt and a life of slavery. But before they exited, the firstborn of Egypt and the soldiers,

How are we to understand this? I don’t know, but I know this, GOD loves everybody, given that,

There was a ‘compensation’ for the death of those in Egypt. Israel became a nation of priests. There is great joy in it, but if you are not ready for it, it can feel that way, and certainly the world doesn’t understand what you do.

Every first born belonged to GOD, that means basically these became the priests of the nation, and really the world. The required priesthood of Aaron, ended when Jesus the Messiah came. Now we are called to be priests, it si a voluntary now,

One last note, the Waves of the Red Sea closed on the ‘bad’ Egyptians. How are we to understand this? Wouldn’t an Egyptian think, I’ve been demonized by those stories and anyone sympathetic to Judaism or Christianity would consider me bad, bad, bad? Maybe at that point in time, the rulers of Egypt were not doing right. GOD, GODDESS, Mother Earth (the Sea) are Mother and Father of all. Now people of Egypt, all people are much much better than the past because of evolution, breeding, teaching, the help of higher beings and powers, etc. So I feel okay to say that, then perhaps,

Those in the ruling class of Egypt did not please GOD/GODDESS and it was their time to go. The Earth Mother took them back, took their bodies back. And of course the ‘young’ spirits/souls in them returned to the Infinite Heavens to talk it over with Hashem YHWH, Father and Mother,

A key to understanding the seemingly unfair and injustice in everyday life is what the LORD Jesus termed, ‘the resurrection’. The Sadduccees did not believe this, resurrection = rebirth. When people die, they just come back again, again, and again until their souls have learned the lessons and gained enough experience to Ascend to the next level, which is something like ‘Angelhood’. Then there is not need to reincarnate anymore,

In conclusion, GOD IS loving, GOD is fair, and GOD knows what HE/SHE is doing, He has a plan to ‘evolve’ or grow you into something really great, through life after life of every good things,

I hope you receive this, if not, that’s good too. NO pressure, you have choice and freedom, if you don’t like what I am saying, I’m good with that too. It’s your life, love you,


A Turn of Discussions,

My studies on Hinduism will start soon, just saying, so if that doesn’t jive, vibe, or resonate with you, please return to us at a later time, but


An AHA Moment, p.1,

I’m not the best teacher, so I will just share my experiences,

An AHA Moment was:

When I realized what the Gospel was all about,

It is about Peace.

We are to stopped fighting, start getting along, and loving each other,

Change your shoes to the flat kind, change your clothes to the soft kind, grow your hair, and get ‘fat’,

Let your life, appearance, etc. reflect that you are ALL about peace,

Stop fights, bring people together, especially,

Turn the hearts of fathers to their sons, and sons to their fathers,

As a society we have mostly failed our families, *hangs head* …

I have myself, a son who I know very little about,

What GOD wants most is Children, who love Him wholeheartedly and truly, that WANT to spend time with Him, that make Him smile, that serve Him, that play with Him, that learn from Him, etc.

So our focuses in life should be around the family and children, that’s what I think,

Be Blessed by Being a Blessing,


the Sweetness, the Love,

I got to thinking, what makes one think of the sweetheart, it’s the sweet-NESS,

When we were young, and we watched movies of teenagers having fun, getting to know each other, experiencing life, and falling in love,

What was it that we feel? It is the undying commitment and sacrificing type of love? No,

It was that feeling of freedom, of experiencing life, the feeling of no worries, smiles, goodwill, love, and sweetness,

I had a few good months of that with my wife, before we launched into the ‘work’ of having a marriage, family, and a lifestyle.

This takes wisdom, when does life go back to that? When can I just be a boy and my wife be a girl, and there’s just the two of us, hand in hand,


I’ve heard that a 777 could stand for someone who is a divine, 7 in the body, mind, and spirit,

Our spirits are divine, when we join with the Holy Spirit, or some people say, our spirits simply ARE divine,

Our minds are divine when they are washed clean and Holy with pure thoughts,

Our bodies are divine when they are temples of GOD, work with GOD and His Angels, and they are obedient to His/Her command,

That’s a 777,


The Poor,

That’s the secret,

I won’t reveal any REAL secrets, but guess what, you want to REALLY follow Jesus? One thing, a VERY big thing, a VERY VERY big deal to GOD, Christ Jesus is:

The care of the poor.

If you want to be my friend, care about the things I care about,

If you love me, love my people,

When I consciously decided to show love and care for any poor person that I saw, my life changed. There was a quickening and the LORD Jesus entered my heart in a new and more profound way,

but mostly, I hope I can say this,

Jesus was pleased by the living out of His Way, and then I loved Him more, and He loved me more.

This is the meaning of being ‘In Christ’. It means you are in His Heart, and He is in your heart, and the love is complete. Please try, and open your heart. Do I need to quote Scripture to you, you remember all the Scriptures that mention how the LORD Jesus feels about the poor. Please DO IT,


Memory Blocking and Fallen Angels

They say that we had preexistence, and some say we had past lives,

So why don’t we remember them?

One thought I had is that we need to trust GOD, trust the Divine Guidance. We don’t remember for our own safety and comfort and best interests. So, perhaps we shouldn’t push so hard to remember.

Any Fantastic Four comic book fans out there? Remember, Franklin Richards? Franklin was the child of Reed and Susan Richards. Mr. Fantastic placed mental blocks in his mind, b/c his powers were much too powerful for him to control. In a similar way, I believe we have blocks, for our best interests.

Many people, have illnesses in their spirit and minds, because of unreleased emotional and spiritual energies related to past experiences. You can see it in their face and you can see that they are very angry or sad people. How do we help these people? For we are Christians, we are supposed to help! Often, we don’t want to get into it to deep. A professional is needed when someone visibly has these types of problems. Prayer is always good.

How Fallen Angels come into the picture is,

I’ve noticed that often people whom we see have ‘a demon’ or somekind of darkness in them, often we should be sensitive. We all want to go JESUS on them and say,’Get out!’ But, sometimes, a human or person’s spirit has been deeply wounded and the ‘demon’ is the only one helping them or holding them together or strengthening them. The person has forgotten what has happened often through time, willed amnesia, drugs or alcohol, but the demon IS helping them. When the time is right, GOD will heal both, and the demon will probably be promoted or go home,

Everything is as it should be,


Jesus and the Little Children

I’ve often thought, when the Apostles were jostling for position of who would be the greatest among them, Jesus brought a little child into their midst and said that the greatest is like this child,


Does that mean children are actually the bosses and leaders among us? To some degree, yeah, because realize it or not, they don’t have to do much, you serve them all day long. But, they need you to serve them, because they cannot serve themselves, NOT because it’s their time to BE served or retire. An elder who has put in the work, done their share, earned the right to sit down, is battle scarred and proven DESERVES to retire and receive from those whom he has helped over many, many years.

I’ve come across some parents that, in my opinion, spoil their kids, because they don’t have a firm concept of that. Perhaps they never got all they wanted in their childhood, and now they want to make themselves happy by giving their kids everything they think they want. Perhaps the way things work was never explained to them as kids or they were not taught to be content,


However, what I think Jesus meant was, the greatest or being the greatest in a group, a Kingdom group, means you are the lowest. You are the one that serves everybody. The Kingdom is about service to others. In the world, we still see leaders that simply ‘supervise’. They tell others what to do, and do nothing. There are other team members that guide the supervisors, middle managers. And there are even ‘synergizers’ that just by their presence make things better. Interesting!

The Kingdom is not that mysterious. Those who have served have the right to guide and supervise, because they have done the work, they know what to do, through experience and trial and error. The Kingdom of service is simply the right way to move up, or get promoted. Just as there are ‘bad’ companies and organizations, there are many very good companies and organizations, even in the world,

Food for thought,

ET Phone Phone,

Okay, I lightened it up a bit,

But would you WORSHIP?

Not because it is due, not because of fear or because you want something,

Because YOU LOVE and MISS GOD your Mother and Father,

There lives in you, the Eternal Spirit spark which is basically ‘a piece’ of GOD,

So it’s like you are at boarding school, and you are forgetting your purpose and your mission and you are forgetting to CALL HOME.

Worship is spontaneous, forgetful of self, expressing of Pure LOVE to GOD, and it is cultivated through the experiences we choose. If we live to serve from LOVE, and not for profit or for self aggrandizing or selfish motives, we then become people who experience JOY. JOY is given from above, and is a way for reaching out and touching the High Energies of GOD,

Please meditate on that,


What is an Adam and Eve? The Adamic Sons,

We are getting new information which should ease the suffering of those whom society greatly misunderstand, though some misguidance has been part of the equation.

We are not simply humans, among us are many, many different types of creatures and even walk among invisible to the naked eye, higher and Angelic Beings. The inheritors of Earth or Urantia are the original man, who some call the BaKaRe. This civilization started in Africa, and predates all modern societies such as Egypt, China, India, the Urgitities, etc. The Earth is much older than you suppose and have been told. There have been transplanted races of human stock, ETs, fallen Angels, visitations of timeless beings, incarnated beings, etc.

The Adamic Sons, which are/were Sons of GOD, came to Earth to help, in the way of sex creation, procreation. So, when you see someone who struggles with sexuality in having many partners and having many kids. It is NOT always because they are evil and need to be exorcized or ostracized or mad to feel bad by church. Sometimes it is the Adamic DNA in them expressing their function which is to HAVE A LOT OF KIDS. But, the Laws of YHWH still apply,

It is best if we remain with one partner, but if not possible, GOD can do the impossible. Let us not worry about the future of how we will relate to each other in the Heavens,


The choices you make may cause suffering, but sometimes we as a society lack the understanding, and it might serve us better to be more tolerant, peaceable, and merciful. And we can just say, “I DON’T KNOW.” But, I’ll love you anyway.

In Your Service,

I Love Meateaters!

I’m now moving towards Veganism, but I’d like to profess my undying love for the meatatarian and other meat eating personages. Ha-ha, the reason is my family members like meat and I don’t. And I guess this is more of a confession, because I don’t want to be a snobby plant eater. That can be just as bad, so GOD help me to put this in perspective. Change me, and change my attitude. That’s pride, no pride…

Earning Your Wings, p.2


and you have to complete one assignment, helping to save someone’s soul,

forgot about that…


Earning Your Wings, part 1

How do you earn your wings? I’m not an expert in teaching this, but two things I can think of:

1) When you can make the inside of yourself match the outself, and it involves honesty, and putting the inner persona and inner life, morals and the cultivation of the fruit of the Spirit first before the exterior. That is not to say to neglect the outside, because that would be irresponsible as well.

2) When you are perfect like your Father in Heaven, which means that you love all and hate none,

Please meditate on those, thank you,


My Thoughts (2 bits) on ‘Tongues’ in Church of Christ,

As someone who has SIMPLY been there and done that, I’d like to offer my experiences. Take from them what you will, can and I offer my conclusion, which should not be your conclusion, but that there usually are conclusions because that how people think. We need nice, neat and happy endings to things.

I heard about the Pentacostal and Charismatic Church in 2005. They claimed that you had to receive a second baptism of the Holy Spirit for power. They called that being baptized in the Holy Spirit. The Charismatic church appealed to me because I too believed that ‘charismata’ or the gifts of the Spirit are for today, that the Holy Spirit did not cease to give them out to those who desire them and believe. So, I didn’t really believe, but I went anyways. I left my home church (Presbyterian and very conservative), and attended St. Paul Church on Guam for about a year. There I received a laying on of hands by the headship there, and DID receive the ability to speak in tongues. It was a ‘loosening’ of my tongue. I’m not sure if what I spoke was another tongue, but the outflow of the Spirit when I tried to speak was evident to all.

I’d like to report that today I can speak many languages, and it was because of receiving that laying on hands there. And we remember that Christ said that the evidence of His disciples are 5 things:

1) Speaking of other languages,
2) Demons run from us,
3) You will pick up the snakes by the tail,
4) You will drink poison and not die,
5) and you will lay hands on others and they will be healed,

As we grow, we learn to see the Spirit of JC and not be so focused on particular people. Yes, we are commanded to love others and that includes knowing people, but the LORD Himself said that if you love mother and father more than me, you are not worthy of Him. That, to me, is a call to putting Him first in your life b/c there is Holy Work to do.

I too remember thinking what the Pastor was saying is NOT true. Our Pentacostal brothers and sisters seem to claim spiritual superiority and an insensitivity to others by saying if you don’t have the ability to speak in tongues you don’t have the Spirit. Sometimes GOD tests us. Actually GOD tests us a lot and all the time. It freakin’ drives me crazy sometimes how much he wants to train and equip us. But, there is a reason for all the urgency, people need GOD. And although GOD is all powerful and all that, time is a ticking. When you are there,

When you are in THAT church, you are hearing what YOU and ONLY YOU should hear. Looking back, I’d like to conclude, I learned a few things in my experience at the Pentacostal church. GOD is not a liar and He is in charge. He knows what He is doing. He setup the Pentacostal Church for people to go a GET the second baptism which is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And it appears you’ve done so. Congratulations, you are on your way. And so young. Recall, the Jews had the zero baptism for non-believers, then came the Baptist with baptism for repentance and the outward/inward sign of initiation into the Church of Christ, and Christ Himself baptizes with?

Holy Spirit and Fire,

So, next? Your baptism by Fire comes and that doesn’t sound pleasant does it? Suffering, you will suffer as He did. Suffering for love, suffering for others is the Fire. It basically is suffering for Him, and you will learn to take on suffering b/c GOD’s Son suffered and because,

It is the only way to change the fallen world,

Lastly, I’d like to say, that things are not perfect, but in Christ they ARE perfect. He knows what He is doing and when you can enter that state of mind, then your heart is full of LOVE, and perfect LOVE drives out all fear, (John the Mystic/the Beloved, said that)

Many things, GOD has setup and they just are. I too have experienced injustice and suffered disappointments and seen horrible things. But that’s revealed the hero/heroine in you, didn’t it? Just as you have been given a name, somethings are SIMPLY given and accepted. Sunday IS the LORD’s Day. For a long time, I searched the Scriptures for the Truth and to prove the Pastors wrong, b/c I wanted to know better than them. NOT because I was proud, but that just revealed to me and others where I was going; the position the LORD had for me to take. Another just IS, that I discovered is that the Church (Evangelicals) ARE His Church, that means He loves them (yes, even the bad pastors that created scandal) and belongs to Him. So, we love them too b/c they are family, at least b/c you love HIM.

If you are searching for the True Church or a more Authentic Church, keep searching. They are out there. As you grow and purify yourself, you will recognize them. But of course, the Evangelical Church will say otherwise and try to deter you from learning more and growing and developing your powers and gifts. Why? Because,

Another things I think I learned is this: The Truth oftens hides in the Peace or Reconciliation of issues or conflict. Is the Sabbath Saturday or Sunday? Why can’t it be both? When things don’t make sense, if we peacefully try to bring the different sides of the issue together, you can often piece together the Truth. GOD didn’t give anyone all the pieces for those reasons,

When you tink you are alone, remember that you are NOT. GOD sees all and is BRIGHT and LOVING far GREATER than you can imagine. There are multitudes upon multitudes of Angelic Beings who LOVE you and SERVE you! Some have known you all your life and have watched and helped and guided you. Some are the spirits of your ancestors. Some participated in your creation from day one and from evolutions past,


Taking a Break,

Hi everyone, I will be taking a break from blogging. But I will continue to add content to the above menu. Just to give all an idea of where my mind is going right now:

Vegan eating,
Studies in the Essene Way,
Jewish studies,
Chinese language and lit studies,
Wing Chun and Tai Chi Exercises,

It seems that everyone is having difficulties and challenges this summer. Pray for the strength of the Holy Spirit and patience to see the trial to the end without falling, stumbling, at all. Let’s make our Father and Mother in Heaven proud! Everything is going to be good, and at the END we shall see how even the little things you did the LORD used to create wondrous blessings for others throughout the world and cosmos,