Memory Blocking and Fallen Angels

They say that we had preexistence, and some say we had past lives,

So why don’t we remember them?

One thought I had is that we need to trust GOD, trust the Divine Guidance. We don’t remember for our own safety and comfort and best interests. So, perhaps we shouldn’t push so hard to remember.

Any Fantastic Four comic book fans out there? Remember, Franklin Richards? Franklin was the child of Reed and Susan Richards. Mr. Fantastic placed mental blocks in his mind, b/c his powers were much too powerful for him to control. In a similar way, I believe we have blocks, for our best interests.

Many people, have illnesses in their spirit and minds, because of unreleased emotional and spiritual energies related to past experiences. You can see it in their face and you can see that they are very angry or sad people. How do we help these people? For we are Christians, we are supposed to help! Often, we don’t want to get into it to deep. A professional is needed when someone visibly has these types of problems. Prayer is always good.

How Fallen Angels come into the picture is,

I’ve noticed that often people whom we see have ‘a demon’ or somekind of darkness in them, often we should be sensitive. We all want to go JESUS on them and say,’Get out!’ But, sometimes, a human or person’s spirit has been deeply wounded and the ‘demon’ is the only one helping them or holding them together or strengthening them. The person has forgotten what has happened often through time, willed amnesia, drugs or alcohol, but the demon IS helping them. When the time is right, GOD will heal both, and the demon will probably be promoted or go home,

Everything is as it should be,


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