The Poor,

That’s the secret,

I won’t reveal any REAL secrets, but guess what, you want to REALLY follow Jesus? One thing, a VERY big thing, a VERY VERY big deal to GOD, Christ Jesus is:

The care of the poor.

If you want to be my friend, care about the things I care about,

If you love me, love my people,

When I consciously decided to show love and care for any poor person that I saw, my life changed. There was a quickening and the LORD Jesus entered my heart in a new and more profound way,

but mostly, I hope I can say this,

Jesus was pleased by the living out of His Way, and then I loved Him more, and He loved me more.

This is the meaning of being ‘In Christ’. It means you are in His Heart, and He is in your heart, and the love is complete. Please try, and open your heart. Do I need to quote Scripture to you, you remember all the Scriptures that mention how the LORD Jesus feels about the poor. Please DO IT,


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