This One is for Jude,

Remember when Jude, the brother of James, said,

Paraphrase: ‘These people slander celestial beings…when the Archangel Michael argued with the Adversary, he dared not bring an accusation against him, but only said, ‘The LORD rebuke you!’

Something our world highly values is TALENT:

But, I’m here to say whaat about respect for elders, what about humility, and what about goodness and holiness?

Remember in the movie ‘Dogma?’ by the Prophet Kevin Smith? Ben Affleck’s character, the Angel Grigori, Bartleby starts a rant, and I remember he saying something like,

‘Angels have to bow and scrape…for although we most revere and serve GOD, humans are most loved,’

and he was jealous and crazy mad,

in the book of Hebrews it says, ‘Aren’t Angels ministering spirits sent to serve those that will inherit salvation?’

Given that, it seems humans are higher beings, and even in the Judaic books, the Haggadah, it says that GOD told the Angels to bow to Adam. I’m inclined to think or bow, that it was not bow down, but to bow, and show respect.

For what resonates with me is that Angels ARE higher beings. And the way it works in GOD’s system is the Greater serves the Lesser. The strong don’t exploit or bully the weak, but they help and protect. So, Bartelby was being punished, but people are not especially favored over Angels, they are like our brothers and sisters. Many of them took part in Creation so they have a feeling or father-ness or mother-ness too. We should not ‘command’ or Lord our ministering Angels, because they might get turned off or even angry, just as a parent with a irrate and insensitive child may be.

In the Higher Worlds, there is no ‘work’. We are given all we need to survive, and we just spontaneously and automatically do what we are meant to do, what we like. Any ‘missions’ or ‘special assignments’ garner rewards and special gifts even honor and other things like that,

I look forward to that,
and thank my Angels for loving me,


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