This One is 4 The Kids!

I am empathic, that means I can feel the emotions of others, even at a distance of 200 ft., once. For me, it is not an ability but a gift, which means it is Divinely orchestrated to turn on or off when I need to feel that for some reason, usually to take some kind of action either to speak out or even take drastic action.

Today, I walked past an Elementary School, and what did the Group Spirit of ‘Kids’ say to me and individual kids too? They are very sad. We often consider kids weak. And we pick on them. We make them feel bad, because we don’t feel good. They are very sad and hurt inside, YET they are able to soldier on and SMILE everyday, and be JOY for you,

Ouch. Don’t I feel like a jerk. Because I am a parent too, and I hurt my child too. Sometimes unknowingly, sometimes carelessly, but often out of ignorance and sometimes, GOD forbid, willingly.


Don’t hurt your children.

Please don’t LORD yourself over them, this is a New Age, and we may try to serve each other and help each other. Of course, the children best be nice and listen, because parents understand many things about life on this earth and how to live and survive. But, the children are NOT dumb, and they are NOT bad, and their ways of doing things are NOT wrong.

We still need to guardian and keep our children, but let’s correct and encourage most gently. And discipline most gently. We can model best behavior and allow GOD to do some talking for us. Kids are all naturally clairvoyant especially these days, so we cannot fake them out. They know if we are not doing our best.

Please forgive us,
We love you,
Let’s start over again,

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