Psychic V, … Infants,

We learn about psychic vampirism and that’s wonderful that we are learning.

But after we get comfortable with the idea, we need to understand that sometimes people need attention,

they need someone to say nice things to them,

they need energy,

they need compliments,

they need to be loved,

if that is vampirism, then I guess so,

But it can also be seen as infancy. A child needs a lot to grow. Maybe these people never got all the input they needed as children. If we cannot handle these special people, then we can admit that they need someone more giving and loving than us.

We need to refer them to someone we know can help them instead of simply judging them and labeling them and perhaps, but I hope not, condemning them.

Be the love and light, be most understanding,

GOD LOVES psychic babies,


Jesus was Black and Indian?

Hi there,

Check out this:

The top population of the world in 1 AD was?


If Jesus called himself the Son of Man, which means ‘The Man’ in some sense, could He have been Indian? or Indian and Black (Afro-American)? Maybe that’s why He was rejected by the Jewish people,


LOVE, :-)

It was All a Dream,

Hi everybody,

Since I’ve been walking the path of discipleship, GOD has shown me strange, wonderful, AND biblical things,

I have first-hand experience,

When Joshua asked the SUN to stop His run across the Sky, He/She granted his request. In modern, Star Trekese, that was a Time-Warp.

When my son, was late for school, just for fun, I asked my son to pray for a time warp. And we were not late for school, but even five minutes early, when I know we should have been about 15 minutes late.

Also in the Bible, we see how Jesus was able to be inside a house without anyone opening the door for Him. That is teleportation. One night, before playing computer, I was drinking my tea and reading the Bible. After my son went to sleep, I moved over to the computer. When I was thirsty, I looked around for my drink forgetting I am not where I was. And guess what I saw next to the computer, my tea. WHOA.

Today, GOD told me something shocking but beautiful allow me to share. When something bad happened to us, it DIDN’T HAPPEN.

IT WAS LIKE A DREAM, so real, but a dream, so He could catch the bad guy or bad gal. The perp was real, and the crime he did was real, but the pain and victimization you remember was NOT,

So, think on that. If you don’t believe, know that pain medications for past memories are legal and biblical. Consider you past like Vietnam. And science has shown us that every molecule of your body is replaced in 7 years, so you really are NOT the same person after 7.


Let’s Get Real, by Guest Poster (Santana)

I’d like to voice an unpopular opinion about violence and men,

and women of course, because I qualify as one. I’ve had female spirits ‘around’ me, and I am currently a mom to my son, and my wife.

My wife comes from a let’s say complicated background. She doesn’t read this, so I hope she doesn’t mind. She is very smart, and if I didn’t know better she has some form of mind powers. Just joking. Or am I?

Females are able to get away with hurtful talk, subtle and subliminal thoughts and actions because they often do it with a smile. Or they play like they don’t know. Or they are not violent with fists, but they are sarcastically witty.

Let me say, that just as females would rather be attacked verbally, men would rather be attacked physically. The words and faithless words and discouragement hurt worse than if you just took a knife and stuck it.

It takes two to tango, and women often play the victim when both people had as much fault.

The last factors in why people are violent are the family environment, spiritual heritage, and paranormal involvement, oh AND celestial effects (the moon, solar flares, the planets, etc). The last one is one that gets me. Did you know you are affected by your environment? Your neighborhood’s ‘group thought can affect you. And have you check if your house is haunted or not? Did something happen there? Often there was.

Bottom line, fighting is fighting. And we need to learn to be peaceful people.

If it isn’t working, the only thing to do is separate. And when you miss each other and really want to try again, then please do so. BUT, this time, DO BETTER and really GET ALONG.

I hope I made friends in the male readership. Women, I’m one of you too, more like a mom, so don’t hate me, just trying to keep it real.

and LOVE,

The Butterfly Effect, The Effect of Two,

Why don’t we want to put others down as a way to get ahead,

Because there is GOD, and there are others,

When you put people down, GOD will put you down, and others will put you down too, because of Law and because of Karma,

The Law is the Golden Rule,

So, you actually hurt yourself by hurting others,

The opposite is true if you help others,

SO, be someone that helps not hurts! Otay?


Thoughts on Mina, Ten, Five or, None?

This is going to go fat, uh, I mean fast, so please follow along,

Mina like Denari, was a year’s wage,

So, the Master gave His servants each one year’s wage, check out Eugene Cho’s website, by the way, One Day’s Wages, please Google it,

When He returned, He checked on their productiveness. To me, what this means could be two interpretations.

1) The Mina represents money or not. GOD wants us to be faithful in how we handle money. Some say you have to be able to multiply the money He gives you. That is correct. But recall Jesus says buying and selling is not the Way, trading or giving is closer to Kingdom Ways,

2) The Mina buys people for Christ. And when you have them, they are represented by Mina. You need to keep or disciple them for Christ. Don’t lose the ones Christ gives you. For example, if you married a non-believer, they converted, but then you split up. Stay connected to them, and love them, and keep checking on them.

3) We can try to be 10 Mina people. What I mean by that is, we can actually do financial calculations. If GOD gave you $420,000, and you now can count 14 people you are discipling then $420,000/$42,000 (a year’s wage) is 10. 14/10 = 1.4. That’s only slightly better than the guy who got the heat from GOD. :-(

4) But, if you know in your heart of hearts that GOD has given you say 7 cities. Then you did a 7 fold multiplying. In your prayers, wide scattering of money, going around and loving random people, and many spiritual disciplines given away, you actually helped 70 people! Wow, congratulations, you have done VERY WELL!


Why is this important?

Thank you Christina Perri,

5000 B.C. – GOD, Son of GOD, and Adam,

4000 B.C. – Jared, Enoch (Fu Xi?), and Methuselah,

3000 B.C. – Lamech, Noah, and Shem,

2200 B.C. – Peleg, Reu, and Serug,

2000 B.C. – Terah, Abraham, and Issac,

1800 B.C. – Judah, Perez, and Hezron,

1600 B.C. – Amminadab, Nahshon, and Salmon,

1400 B.C. – Moses, Joshua, and Caleb,

1200 B.C. – Salmon, Boaz, and Obed,

1000 B.C. – David, Solomon, and Menelik,

00000000 – Joseph, Jesus, and Gebiyah,

200 A.D. – (The dates on St. Augustine are wrong b/c he was contemporary w/ Pliny)

Monica, Augustine, and Adeodatus,

400 A.D. – Merovech, Childerich, and Clovis

600 A.D. – King Suddhodana (Lao Tzi), Siddhartha Gautama, and Joshua Hsueh Chen,

1000 A.D. – Earl of Ibelin, Bailian, and Helvis,

1200 A.D. – King Charles II and Maria of Hungary, Charles Martel of Anjou, and Charles Robert,

1400 A.D. – Vlad II, Vlad Tepes & Mina, and the Mihai,

1600 A.D. – Medmed III, Ahmed I, and Osman II,

1800 A.D. – King Rama III, King Rama IV, and Prince Chitchareon

2000 A.D. – Jaime and Brenda 4ever

Our Jesus, All of our Jesus,

Who is Jesus? He was Jewish? Was He black? Maybe he is Chinese? Maybe He was French? Or was He an Arab? I don’t really know,

But one thing I do know is that the doctrine of ‘original badness’ of people is in question. Why? I see it doesn’t really help people to think of themselves as bad,

Jesus means ‘Savior’ by what’s another way of thinking about that?

In Hebrew, the J or Y was Divine, and S and S represents the double S which represent a sinner turning into a saint,

So, Jesus was someone who changed sinners into saints, He was never afraid of the worst kind of people, so to speak. Because it is those who end up being the ones that do the MOST for the Kingdom! For to those who have been given much, much will be required. Who will love the King more? The one who was forgiven little or forgiven much?

The Apostle Paul called himself a chief sinner! He was in outward appearance a high, holy person, the highest of the Pharisees. But, later he confessed that he truly was a terrible sinner. And what happened? He was THE MOST PRODUCTIVE Apostle ever! Well, as of 10.18.2012.

So if you consider yourself a mature Christian and ready to join the battle, so to speak. It is the Gospel Peace. Then the best returns are to go after the WORST. For the WORST will produce the best yields. Amen? Go in peace, and BELIEVE and it shall be given to you, in the Name of the GOD who loves ALL!


From Dust You Came,

What are ghosts?

Some of us, with the third eye open, can see them. And they are scary as sh*t! Sorry, ghosts. Why are they unrest?

Ghosts tell me that remember what GOD said…from dust you came and to dust you shall return. What that means at a practical level is:

There are many reasons the dearly departed are at unrest, but one reason is they have been buried in the wrong place. Wherever we are born, that is where we approximately or exactly should be buried. Otherwise, unrest. So, those family members with means, many bodies need to be removed and reburied in the proper place,

Thanks, the dead thank you for listening,

Happy Halloween,

Transmutation of Sexual Energy

For us Christians and at the other end, who we call the Underworld, there is much difference in the understanding of sexual energy.

In Hindu, it is called Kundalini, and when we come near to a guy or a girl we can feel attracted or not or in some cases even repelled. That is what is commonly referred to as being gay or straight or something else special.

Why do we have this energy? It is said, that this is creative energy. And that we join this energy with the energy of the Creator. It is love energy, but more than that it is sex energy. It has a gender quality.

Christians shut this down. And so, they often don’t have the deep, spiritual connection with the Creator, they seek. I haven’t observed widely, but many others comment but don’t deeply understand the energy except to classify themselves and others as straight or gay and when they have sex, it is this energy that is released.

This sex energy has been talked about by Napolean Hill in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’. It is said, that sex energy can be harnessed to achieve what you want. That is why men don’t achieve success until after they are married or reach a certain age where they don’t chase women and masturbate all day long. LOL.

This is my report. But my practical application is this. When you have a desire, which can be sexual or not, but mostly it is sexual. It is difficult to get riches by thinking about sex. How is the connected? Everyone has ideas and plans, but we often don’t have faith and follow through. Sexual energy is very valuable, and those who give their energy in the dark to famous actors and actresses, indeed have given away something very valuable. Make sure the actors and actresses, who spend a lot of money to be out there in the public eye are representing you. They are in a sense lay ‘senate’ and ‘congressmen’. They are prophet/prophetess of the people. They champion the same causes as you? Do they welcome your donation of energy?

Often times, the ‘bad’ lies not in what we do, but how we do it, the methods of consideration, but most importantly the heart,


What I Learned from the Darkside,

Those in darkness have something in droves, and it is this:

They are VERY sensitive,

And sometimes, the quote in quote, righteous are not so sensitive.

People in darkness cover up because they know what they do is wrong, yet they don’t want to confess because it is embarrassing or they don’t want to face it or face the music. That’s very understandable. And in a way, it is very good, for they show they DO know right from wrong. It is just a different style of expressing that.

The Christians I hung around, were always ready to make judgements, which we are allowed to do. But in the same way you judge you will be judged. It is best not to make judgements with the exception of parents and other authority figures because that is your job.

Hanging with my dark friends for a few years, allowed me, they gifted me with their sensitivity. It took me to a new level. Because, now I speak NOT boldly, but with sensitivity to the FEELINGS of everyone that I am conscious of. Your very thoughts can harm and offend others, and if one comes through your mind, it is our work to gently correct, that is best. Rebuking is good and right, but it will be meet with equal and opposite heat/reaction and that’s not creating optimum peace and harmony.

Peace and LOVE,

The Law of Cannabis,

This post is for a lot of people I know, most of whom are older, and from the older thinking and ways,

Marijuana, MJ, Pot, Cannabis, Hemp, Weed, etc, is illegal, but in what sense? If one looks cursoryily into the laws of this wonderful plant, you will see something,

Please allow me to be your guide on this short walk through the park of thought.

Many of the laws against MJ, if broken will put you in jail. And the big guys with guns (police officers OR gang members), will come against you. Bottom line GOD sees it all, and is running the whole game. But if we look at the laws, they just basically say,

You cannot sell this plant, which we do…

What that says to me is, and get ready for this,

If this plant is NOT to be sold, then it is a SACRED plant for spiritual and medicinal uses. It is a sacred plant in helping us to connect with the Divine,

If you believe that, then what is stopping you from at least talking about marijuana? We, who are alive in spirit, can use our creativity and find ways, legal ways to experience this sacred plant. If we don’t believe that we are legal and good people, it’s time to start believing that. Past misdeeds are forgiven in Christ, and we can move forward and do things right! Don’t be afraid, and trust Jesus!


I Love the Anti-Me,

GOD loves the Anti me, I feel confident saying that,

Christians, GOD is looking for the bold, courageous, and most importantly, those with the big hearts – LOVE,

Dare you to LOVE,

I don’t want to sound ‘bad’ myself,

But, we now speak a different language today than when the Bible books were written,

Just as there was Old English, Ye Olde Englishe,

When Jesus says, I am the Truth…and no one goes to the Father except through Me, and we say homosexuals are an abomawhat? Where is the love and sensitivity? It is right, but is it right to say? That way,

We have ‘evolved’ since, then and although no one is worthy to rewrite the Bible, we can edit and adapt/adopt these words and the meaning is what is important.

Thanks for reading, and let LOVE be your guide, and remember LOVE never fails!


The Anti-Christ Spirit,

I don’t have much time, so please bear with me, and the abruptness of this post,

I am preparing for a journey, an adventure,

As Dec. 2012, approaches, I’d like to say 2 things about that, I feel in my heart of hearts that the Solar Explosion has been adverted. But, what we saw in the movie 2012 still may happen, but at a much smaller scale, because Mother Earth is not pleased with how we have treated Her. That is the reason for natural catastrophe,

We have within our power, our choices everyday to live in harmony and peace with Nature, or not to.

So let’s start with the small things, choose organic, recycle, take the stairs, bike to work, be kind to animals, maybe be vegetarian, etc,

With things changing, and many of us, have sense and intuition, we sense something happening. The ‘vibration’ of the earth is rising, because of increased work by Angelic Beings, GOD, of course, and the increased amount of ‘spiritual Light’ because our Galaxy is aligning.

So naturally there would be fear and we may be wondering if the Second Coming is coming? Is the Anti-Christ coming? Followers of Christ, before we go all hysterical about Anti-Christ, we need to remember what the Anti-Christ spirit is.

Quite simply, the anti spirit is one that doesn’t know the Father.

‘New Age’ Health Tip,

Sun gazing, as they call it, is very important to good health. I’m doing all of the following:

– No coffee, just water,
– breathing exercises, and keeping the windows open mostly all the time,
– a LOT of walking,
– a mostly vegan diet,

but what really enJOYed me, put the LOVE and unshakable JOY in me, was the SUNGAZING, and regular devotional practices of prayer for others and meditations,

Believe this or not, the SUN is the source of Life on Earth. From the Sun, the Earth was created, and the SUN participated in every creation and evolution of life on Earth. It is highly arguable, but most probable that their is intelligence on the Sun. When we see Solar Flares we are seeing activity and movement and that denotes intelligence and life.

More than health and vitality, the SUN can also stream intelligence and knowledge on it’s sunbeams. Why not? We can send intelligence over radio waves.

So the sungaze is a meditation done whenever you want to. But just look at the sun, but not directly. Allow the sun to be positioned where the Indians usually put their bindis (the red dots on the forehead). That way the Sun is not blinding you, us. And maybe for 5 minutes, recite a prayer or meditate, just be.

I’m sure, with regular sungazing, your life will be better. You will feel better. Jesus Himself, said, “The eye of the body is the lamp, if the body is filled with light…” How do you fill the body with light? You allow it to enter the eye! It has also been said that the light going in the body is vital for the bodies’ chemical and metabolic/catabolic processes, etc.