The Anti-Christ Spirit,

I don’t have much time, so please bear with me, and the abruptness of this post,

I am preparing for a journey, an adventure,

As Dec. 2012, approaches, I’d like to say 2 things about that, I feel in my heart of hearts that the Solar Explosion has been adverted. But, what we saw in the movie 2012 still may happen, but at a much smaller scale, because Mother Earth is not pleased with how we have treated Her. That is the reason for natural catastrophe,

We have within our power, our choices everyday to live in harmony and peace with Nature, or not to.

So let’s start with the small things, choose organic, recycle, take the stairs, bike to work, be kind to animals, maybe be vegetarian, etc,

With things changing, and many of us, have sense and intuition, we sense something happening. The ‘vibration’ of the earth is rising, because of increased work by Angelic Beings, GOD, of course, and the increased amount of ‘spiritual Light’ because our Galaxy is aligning.

So naturally there would be fear and we may be wondering if the Second Coming is coming? Is the Anti-Christ coming? Followers of Christ, before we go all hysterical about Anti-Christ, we need to remember what the Anti-Christ spirit is.

Quite simply, the anti spirit is one that doesn’t know the Father.

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