I Love the Anti-Me,

GOD loves the Anti me, I feel confident saying that,

Christians, GOD is looking for the bold, courageous, and most importantly, those with the big hearts – LOVE,

Dare you to LOVE,

I don’t want to sound ‘bad’ myself,

But, we now speak a different language today than when the Bible books were written,

Just as there was Old English, Ye Olde Englishe,

When Jesus says, I am the Truth…and no one goes to the Father except through Me, and we say homosexuals are an abomawhat? Where is the love and sensitivity? It is right, but is it right to say? That way,

We have ‘evolved’ since, then and although no one is worthy to rewrite the Bible, we can edit and adapt/adopt these words and the meaning is what is important.

Thanks for reading, and let LOVE be your guide, and remember LOVE never fails!


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