The Law of Cannabis,

This post is for a lot of people I know, most of whom are older, and from the older thinking and ways,

Marijuana, MJ, Pot, Cannabis, Hemp, Weed, etc, is illegal, but in what sense? If one looks cursoryily into the laws of this wonderful plant, you will see something,

Please allow me to be your guide on this short walk through the park of thought.

Many of the laws against MJ, if broken will put you in jail. And the big guys with guns (police officers OR gang members), will come against you. Bottom line GOD sees it all, and is running the whole game. But if we look at the laws, they just basically say,

You cannot sell this plant, which we do…

What that says to me is, and get ready for this,

If this plant is NOT to be sold, then it is a SACRED plant for spiritual and medicinal uses. It is a sacred plant in helping us to connect with the Divine,

If you believe that, then what is stopping you from at least talking about marijuana? We, who are alive in spirit, can use our creativity and find ways, legal ways to experience this sacred plant. If we don’t believe that we are legal and good people, it’s time to start believing that. Past misdeeds are forgiven in Christ, and we can move forward and do things right! Don’t be afraid, and trust Jesus!


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  1. Fascinating…

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