What I Learned from the Darkside,

Those in darkness have something in droves, and it is this:

They are VERY sensitive,

And sometimes, the quote in quote, righteous are not so sensitive.

People in darkness cover up because they know what they do is wrong, yet they don’t want to confess because it is embarrassing or they don’t want to face it or face the music. That’s very understandable. And in a way, it is very good, for they show they DO know right from wrong. It is just a different style of expressing that.

The Christians I hung around, were always ready to make judgements, which we are allowed to do. But in the same way you judge you will be judged. It is best not to make judgements with the exception of parents and other authority figures because that is your job.

Hanging with my dark friends for a few years, allowed me, they gifted me with their sensitivity. It took me to a new level. Because, now I speak NOT boldly, but with sensitivity to the FEELINGS of everyone that I am conscious of. Your very thoughts can harm and offend others, and if one comes through your mind, it is our work to gently correct, that is best. Rebuking is good and right, but it will be meet with equal and opposite heat/reaction and that’s not creating optimum peace and harmony.

Peace and LOVE,

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