Transmutation of Sexual Energy

For us Christians and at the other end, who we call the Underworld, there is much difference in the understanding of sexual energy.

In Hindu, it is called Kundalini, and when we come near to a guy or a girl we can feel attracted or not or in some cases even repelled. That is what is commonly referred to as being gay or straight or something else special.

Why do we have this energy? It is said, that this is creative energy. And that we join this energy with the energy of the Creator. It is love energy, but more than that it is sex energy. It has a gender quality.

Christians shut this down. And so, they often don’t have the deep, spiritual connection with the Creator, they seek. I haven’t observed widely, but many others comment but don’t deeply understand the energy except to classify themselves and others as straight or gay and when they have sex, it is this energy that is released.

This sex energy has been talked about by Napolean Hill in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’. It is said, that sex energy can be harnessed to achieve what you want. That is why men don’t achieve success until after they are married or reach a certain age where they don’t chase women and masturbate all day long. LOL.

This is my report. But my practical application is this. When you have a desire, which can be sexual or not, but mostly it is sexual. It is difficult to get riches by thinking about sex. How is the connected? Everyone has ideas and plans, but we often don’t have faith and follow through. Sexual energy is very valuable, and those who give their energy in the dark to famous actors and actresses, indeed have given away something very valuable. Make sure the actors and actresses, who spend a lot of money to be out there in the public eye are representing you. They are in a sense lay ‘senate’ and ‘congressmen’. They are prophet/prophetess of the people. They champion the same causes as you? Do they welcome your donation of energy?

Often times, the ‘bad’ lies not in what we do, but how we do it, the methods of consideration, but most importantly the heart,


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  1. that was very interesting!

  2. Interesting post. On a more tangible level, this idea of offering up our energy to idealized human beings is very interesting to me. I get frustrated sometimes at how often Christians offer representations of idealized physical beauty along with their message. I follow a page on facebook that puts up a lot of inspirational quote using pictures, but I rarely share them because every picture has a beautiful person on it. Never anyone fat or irregular or frumpy. I appreciate beauty as much as the next person, but I wish Christians would be more aware of the value of allowing real people to be seen. I genuinely grew up thinking that the only people who had sex regularly were my weirdo parents and people who were exceptionally attractive! I think part of the Christian ethos ought to be finding and showing the beauty of reality. Which doesn’t exclude the exceptionally beautiful, but doesn’t make a fetish of it either.

  3. Thank you for the post! I’ll meditate on beauty, but my point, I think, is fame helps people become ‘demigods or demigoddesses’ in that the love, adoration, attn, goes spiritually to them and blesses their lives. Fame is great, don’t be shy to desire that, go against Christian restraint or frustration. I have my reasons for not wanting any ‘fame’ at all.

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