Our Jesus, All of our Jesus,

Who is Jesus? He was Jewish? Was He black? Maybe he is Chinese? Maybe He was French? Or was He an Arab? I don’t really know,

But one thing I do know is that the doctrine of ‘original badness’ of people is in question. Why? I see it doesn’t really help people to think of themselves as bad,

Jesus means ‘Savior’ by what’s another way of thinking about that?

In Hebrew, the J or Y was Divine, and S and S represents the double S which represent a sinner turning into a saint,

So, Jesus was someone who changed sinners into saints, He was never afraid of the worst kind of people, so to speak. Because it is those who end up being the ones that do the MOST for the Kingdom! For to those who have been given much, much will be required. Who will love the King more? The one who was forgiven little or forgiven much?

The Apostle Paul called himself a chief sinner! He was in outward appearance a high, holy person, the highest of the Pharisees. But, later he confessed that he truly was a terrible sinner. And what happened? He was THE MOST PRODUCTIVE Apostle ever! Well, as of 10.18.2012.

So if you consider yourself a mature Christian and ready to join the battle, so to speak. It is the Gospel Peace. Then the best returns are to go after the WORST. For the WORST will produce the best yields. Amen? Go in peace, and BELIEVE and it shall be given to you, in the Name of the GOD who loves ALL!


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