Psychic V, … Infants,

We learn about psychic vampirism and that’s wonderful that we are learning.

But after we get comfortable with the idea, we need to understand that sometimes people need attention,

they need someone to say nice things to them,

they need energy,

they need compliments,

they need to be loved,

if that is vampirism, then I guess so,

But it can also be seen as infancy. A child needs a lot to grow. Maybe these people never got all the input they needed as children. If we cannot handle these special people, then we can admit that they need someone more giving and loving than us.

We need to refer them to someone we know can help them instead of simply judging them and labeling them and perhaps, but I hope not, condemning them.

Be the love and light, be most understanding,

GOD LOVES psychic babies,


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