The New Age

Hi everyone, my time on this blog is almost ended. See you on another one. But, know this: Surprise, there is no end of the world.

Are you mad?

The heavenlies, in characteristic fashion, were just testing everyone.

The next days before the 21st are judgment days, so expect to be sleepy and to maybe lose something, or gain something. And dont’ be surprised if you remember hearing GOD sound like Ben Affleck or Casy Affleck or something.

What was the fear? The fear was that the Sun would go Supernova and I did see that the core was black and spent. GOD fixed that. Mother Earth was also very sick and worried about her children, so that’s why she was going to break out, and also her kids ignore her and don’t treat Nature very well. I’ve met Mother and she looks happy.

So, finally, I’m writing this as a piece of fiction. You know that right? The reason the world is ENDING as we know it, IS?

It is the flip flop,

In this New Age, what will work better in the home, is if men be women and women be men. Also expect that men will undergo some punishment for the harsh and unequal treatment of women. This is the Age of the Woman.

The other thing is that people are no longer required to be married, we will see more prosperity, so couples can split and each get small places of their own. Marriages if they choose, will be for love and children, and please Church let’s not judge those that don’t get married. It’s expensive! Also, Jesus said at the New Age, we won’t get married. We’ll be like the Angels in Heaven. Because marriage is skewed and flat out disadvantageous for the woman. And when two people live together it gets difficult to remember who owns what. And also, couples start to ‘own’ each other after a while, and that’s romantic but not free and not joyful.

Check it out. I’m not saying it WILL HAPPEN? I’m saying there is a push towards that. Try it out, and see if it works better for you,


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