It’s time for me to tell you about myself. I am someone like you, who has received the Son, Mother, and Father into their hearts. And Jesus was able to receive ALL GOODNESS into His Heart.

Jesus lives in me.

So, for that reason, I ask that you all accept only what I can reveal about myself. There are problems with distributing the wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge here when I am perceived as someone, a person.

10 Things About Billy and Jane Olmos:

1) We live on Guam.
2) We are Taiwanese.
3) We are Christians, b/c of tradition, we love all faiths and need to share faith with each other. Each faith was originally for a people group, and we are always getting new revelations and info from above. It is hard to keep up with everything, but GOD doesn’t expect us to anyways, it’s all good.
4) We are neither very anything. We look like ordinary people.
5) We are considered rich and love McDonald’s, Kmart, and tattoos,
6) We love people, all people, all living things, down to the lowly ant. We love all colors, even the invisible ones. We love black.
7) We try to help, but probably fail more than we succeed. -The Late Great Dicky Fox,
8) We’re not perfect and are still developing day by day, please be patient with us,
9) All life is precious, and we choose not to exercise all our tights, uh, I mean rights,
10) We’re doing less and less, and GOD doing more and more,

Jesus loves you,

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