Sorry God, I don’t love you,

I fell today,

I can’t be your priest,

You just won’t be first anymore,

Forgive me,

Don’t be mad,

We’ll always be family and friends,


before you get mad,

it was you first, I remembet,

Every atom and quark within me is screaming at me!!!!!!!!

Brenda’s the One, go, go, go,

I’m not sorry at all, my queen, I Love Brenda!

Meditations on O.P.P.

Have you ever been so poor you,

couldn’t afford a friend?

could afford a relationship,

surely Bill Clinton understood that,

as someone said, Money and Morals go together,

when luxuries are out,

and the hearts right,

the main thing est having kids,

they are our Love and Joy,

when pleasantries are out,

what is there but to do it,

it’s Life at it’s simplest,

even if everything disappears,

we’ll still have Life,

Thoughts on Mina, Ten, Five or, None?

This is going to go fat, uh, I mean fast, so please follow along,

Mina like Denari, was a year’s wage,

So, the Master gave His servants each one year’s wage, check out Eugene Cho’s website, by the way, One Day’s Wages, please Google it,

When He returned, He checked on their productiveness. To me, what this means could be two interpretations.

1) The Mina represents money or not. GOD wants us to be faithful in how we handle money. Some say you have to be able to multiply the money He gives you. That is correct. But recall Jesus says buying and selling is not the Way, trading or giving is closer to Kingdom Ways,

2) The Mina buys people for Christ. And when you have them, they are represented by Mina. You need to keep or disciple them for Christ. Don’t lose the ones Christ gives you. For example, if you married a non-believer, they converted, but then you split up. Stay connected to them, and love them, and keep checking on them.

3) We can try to be 10 Mina people. What I mean by that is, we can actually do financial calculations. If GOD gave you $420,000, and you now can count 14 people you are discipling then $420,000/$42,000 (a year’s wage) is 10. 14/10 = 1.4. That’s only slightly better than the guy who got the heat from GOD. :-(

4) But, if you know in your heart of hearts that GOD has given you say 7 cities. Then you did a 7 fold multiplying. In your prayers, wide scattering of money, going around and loving random people, and many spiritual disciplines given away, you actually helped 70 people! Wow, congratulations, you have done VERY WELL!


Transmutation of Sexual Energy

For us Christians and at the other end, who we call the Underworld, there is much difference in the understanding of sexual energy.

In Hindu, it is called Kundalini, and when we come near to a guy or a girl we can feel attracted or not or in some cases even repelled. That is what is commonly referred to as being gay or straight or something else special.

Why do we have this energy? It is said, that this is creative energy. And that we join this energy with the energy of the Creator. It is love energy, but more than that it is sex energy. It has a gender quality.

Christians shut this down. And so, they often don’t have the deep, spiritual connection with the Creator, they seek. I haven’t observed widely, but many others comment but don’t deeply understand the energy except to classify themselves and others as straight or gay and when they have sex, it is this energy that is released.

This sex energy has been talked about by Napolean Hill in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’. It is said, that sex energy can be harnessed to achieve what you want. That is why men don’t achieve success until after they are married or reach a certain age where they don’t chase women and masturbate all day long. LOL.

This is my report. But my practical application is this. When you have a desire, which can be sexual or not, but mostly it is sexual. It is difficult to get riches by thinking about sex. How is the connected? Everyone has ideas and plans, but we often don’t have faith and follow through. Sexual energy is very valuable, and those who give their energy in the dark to famous actors and actresses, indeed have given away something very valuable. Make sure the actors and actresses, who spend a lot of money to be out there in the public eye are representing you. They are in a sense lay ‘senate’ and ‘congressmen’. They are prophet/prophetess of the people. They champion the same causes as you? Do they welcome your donation of energy?

Often times, the ‘bad’ lies not in what we do, but how we do it, the methods of consideration, but most importantly the heart,


Today I Remember,

It is the Day of Atonement today, and although I’m not an ethnic Jew, I’m one. I feel rundown, so I’m just fasting a couple of meals today and taking advantage of GOD’s Grace, heh heh. Just jokin,

I remember that GOD saved and delivered the Jewish people from Egypt and a life of slavery. But before they exited, the firstborn of Egypt and the soldiers,

How are we to understand this? I don’t know, but I know this, GOD loves everybody, given that,

There was a ‘compensation’ for the death of those in Egypt. Israel became a nation of priests. There is great joy in it, but if you are not ready for it, it can feel that way, and certainly the world doesn’t understand what you do.

Every first born belonged to GOD, that means basically these became the priests of the nation, and really the world. The required priesthood of Aaron, ended when Jesus the Messiah came. Now we are called to be priests, it si a voluntary now,

One last note, the Waves of the Red Sea closed on the ‘bad’ Egyptians. How are we to understand this? Wouldn’t an Egyptian think, I’ve been demonized by those stories and anyone sympathetic to Judaism or Christianity would consider me bad, bad, bad? Maybe at that point in time, the rulers of Egypt were not doing right. GOD, GODDESS, Mother Earth (the Sea) are Mother and Father of all. Now people of Egypt, all people are much much better than the past because of evolution, breeding, teaching, the help of higher beings and powers, etc. So I feel okay to say that, then perhaps,

Those in the ruling class of Egypt did not please GOD/GODDESS and it was their time to go. The Earth Mother took them back, took their bodies back. And of course the ‘young’ spirits/souls in them returned to the Infinite Heavens to talk it over with Hashem YHWH, Father and Mother,

A key to understanding the seemingly unfair and injustice in everyday life is what the LORD Jesus termed, ‘the resurrection’. The Sadduccees did not believe this, resurrection = rebirth. When people die, they just come back again, again, and again until their souls have learned the lessons and gained enough experience to Ascend to the next level, which is something like ‘Angelhood’. Then there is not need to reincarnate anymore,

In conclusion, GOD IS loving, GOD is fair, and GOD knows what HE/SHE is doing, He has a plan to ‘evolve’ or grow you into something really great, through life after life of every good things,

I hope you receive this, if not, that’s good too. NO pressure, you have choice and freedom, if you don’t like what I am saying, I’m good with that too. It’s your life, love you,


Following Your Heart in Hard,

GOD has been teaching me to follow Him, to do what is right, because often the people around you will disagree. Or they will get mad. Or they will cry and make noises.

When you can see what is the right thing to do, often you just have to do it. Recently, everyone around me has been discouraging. But I can see what is the plan, what people need and want, and what I must do. This is because I really know my people. But, everyone is getting set in their ways, is afraid, and just plain unwilling to do anything.

It’s GOD and me, and surprisingly my 4 year old son. He told me, “It’s me and you, Dad.” I will always remember this.

But you may think, “Why not wait it out and let GOD figure it out and do something and open a door?” I have thought about that and prayed about that and that’s not what’s going on here. GOD is calling for action. If nothing is done, nothing will change, and everyone will not receive the blessings GOD has for us. Sometimes, as we grow perfect, GOD puts more on our plate, gives us more to do, and expects more from us. When I’m up against something that is too big for me, I’ll know. And I’ll be the first to fall on my knees and ask for Divine help or help from others that offer it. But I’m all for doing my part and doing everything I can when I can. If that is wrong then I don’t want to be right,


Current Events: The Tom and Katie Split,

What do I have to say about this?

Divorce is no new thing to Americans or anybody. Now that I’m mature, I’ve realized that divorce, man-woman shtuff has always for the most part been the same. The good thing is that nowadays, women are more empowered and independent than before. Which, somewhat, begs the question. Are the teachings of Jesus on divorce still valid?

Jesus was a LOVER of women and defender of the weak and impoverished. He was made wrongs right and freely gave to all who came to Him. When we read His Words on divorce it seems He is saying no divorce at all, for any reason. But I read Him as saying,

‘Do not abandon women when they still love you, if they still need you, if you have responsibility to them and your children.’

I recently have a complicated relationship, marriage with my wife. And when I hear my parents’ stories and remember stories of immigrants and their temporary splits, it seems separations are really no big deal and commonplace in the life cycle of a marriage. When I was emotional about it, I thought,

I have blessed my wife mostly, and even if we were to split now, FOR GOOD, wouldn’t we have blessed each other and improved each other since we met? Also, if the split is mutually decided to be mutually beneficial, then there is no choice but to move forward. There always is the possibility of getting back together again. And on the flipside, not my marriage, of course, but sometimes at least for a time, a couple needs to be apart so they can remember how much they love each other and not take each other for granted. As long as both know, that they REALLY want to be together and they are meant to be. Sometimes, it just isn’t working, and you just split.

But reality and sanity returned to me, and I realized what my little family needs to do. My wife and I love each other to the end,

Whatever the case maybe, we can breathe easier, Christians, knowing or thinking,

‘We have to admit it is getting better, getting better all the time…’

In some sense, Christians who believe very strongly in the infallibility and innerancy of the Bible, and only the Bible are in my opinion having tunnel vision,

The Bible is only one book, and it contains writings in it from thousands and thousands of years ago,

In our early Christians years, we were strong to say the Bible is NOT out of date. Now, I am saying, not so strongly, but respectfully, that some aspects of it ARE out of date. And we have to know which ones. That is what makes us discerning and mature and intelligent and useful members and elders of Christ. Because as elders and interpreters of the Bible, the younger members look to us to know what is right and wrong, and even HOW TO THINK. Teaching wrong doctrine and example can really, really wreak havoc in the community and these are real people’s lives.

Let me end by saying, I believe that the Bible is THE TEXT. But, we shouldn’t be fearful to venture out and read others. And we shouldn’t be fearful to teach, knowing that GOD knows our hearts. And I’d like to finalize by saying, I am teaching here, but hopefully my style and words will be more GOD, and Jesus and less me. I don’t want to teach, I don’t want to give advice, because I realized that advice is personal. What worked for you, WILL NOT work for someone else, the best advice is always to empower people and let them and encourage them to figure things and do things for themselves. And show them how to find help if they need it.


P.S. – Oh yeah, and it’s sad that Tom and Katie split. But, I’m sure Suri will still see them enough and have the best. Tom and Katie may get back together again, they may not, but I pray that Jesus blesses and keeps them always,

P.S.S. – Yes, and if Christians made more common sense, perhaps more regular folk, people would join up. Sometimes, our thinking although noble and admirable is not workable in this world. We have to be both noble and workable. Or something like that. Sorry it’s a Saturday and I’m hungry,

P.P.S.S. – Chomp,

Pastor Mark Driscoll, of Seattle,

He has a real ministry from the LORD Jesus, and it is very successful,

Maybe he has a few more years of whooping it up, and then the LORD Jesus will change him, so he can lead others into the change,

One thing that he is wrong about is how Jesus was. I wasn’t there, but in the Spirit, I know that Jesus was a genius at relating to any and everyone. He was raised blue-collar, but He was a Prince, yet anyone and everyone could talk with Him and understand Him and respect Him. He describes Jesus as a rude, crude, and sometimes mean dude. That’s just how he reads Jesus.

I am sure that he does not preach with the Gospel spirit of peace, love, understanding, etc., consistently. He is very adept at creating a following. That’s important, Jesus Himself was very popular and drew very large crowds.

I wish him the best and continued success in his ministry. He is doing good for Christianity, but he doesn’t accurately reflect the Spirit of Christ yet. It is something a lot of people are waiting for.


P.S. – Something Pastor Driscoll understands is that sometimes some people will never appreciate GOD’s grace unless they taste GOD’s judgment first.

Is Robot Me Expensive?

My son asked me, “Is robot me expensive?”, since I always talk about buying all the toys he wants being expensive. And we see robot shows on TV.

He brings to my mind something I read a long, long time ago. A robot that can do some kind of work, say on an assembly line, is worth – millions of dollars.


Yet, we don’t value life, babies, ourselves. People put each other down. People treated each other like crap.

It shouldn’t be this way.

You really are a living miracle of a masterpiece. No one on this earth can engineer a human being. You are absolutely priceless.

Please believe that if not anything else. You are intrinsically worth probably $1,000,000,000,000,000. Just by standing there you are worth that. Because you are a biological wonder. Priceless! Love yourself and treat others with respect, please.


The Kings Gave It All Away,

Where did the Kings and Queens of ye olde go? They could have gone into the shadows, pulling the strings and controlling all the wealth. But, no, I don’t think so. I think they gave it all away. When people started to show promise for self-governance and self-reliance, they released land and wealth into the hands of stewards – those in the administrative functions of the government. Who were the Kings and Queens of ye olde? Some say that they were aliens, possessing DNA and superior technologies. That is very possible.

Praying to our Jesus,

The Chinese got it wrong? Is praying to our ancestors is wrong? I’m not totally certain. The way things are said and presented often get taken for truth and dogma. And it is said by many Christian pastors that praying to the saints is wrong. I think praying doesn’t really hurt, it is WORSHIP that is not to be given to any other but GOD.

It is true, only GOD is worthy of worship. True GOD gets the True Worship. But, the LORD Jesus Christ was a man, the GOD-Man, it is said, but still a person who lived some time ago. If Abraham is the father of many nations, and it is said he is the spiritual father of many, then Abraham IS our ancestor. If Jesus the Christ was in the line of Abraham, and we pray to Him, then we are praying to our ancestor, aren’t we?

Just something to fry our brain, and maybe simmer your blood. I hope not. Just helping us to think outside the box.


the Sin of Econoimics,

I say sin when I mean something else,

But, in my observations of sinners and the ‘low class’, I’ve noticed one thread running through it all. Impoverishocity, lack, or poverty. Many people, and I say people, are compelled to act in ways against the law and Divine Law, b/c of the system, life as we know it, or because life is just against them. Especially on Guam, where the land is not especially fruitful, it is remote, and the culture is basic, we are expected to live up to a modern Standard of Living. It is a great goal and vision, and is a happy life. IF we can really afford it, but the way of life in the States is a product of the history, culture, and economics/fruitfulness of the Land of the United States, and doesn’t exactly fit here on Guam.

The people here are in anguish. The people here have been called an island of thieves, rightly so, but where is the understanding? Is it all the Guamanians fault? Is it all ‘outsiders’ fault!?

Now, for those in religion, especially some I’ve met in Christianity, those younglings, burgeoning great men and women of faith, it is unkind to merely preach – don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery even, don’t kill. When we don’t understand, really understand what life is like for those who ‘commit’ those crimes. If you really walked a month of life in their shoes, you would really understand. I wouldn’t pray for that kind of experience, I guess that is what missions is really all about, enflaming the compassion within, but blind generosity and faith in the One True GOD’s ‘control’ is really, really good actually.

We Still Draw Lines,

As a child, we did not like to color within the lines,

Innately, we are born with the idea of no limitations, and that reveals to us our heavenly origins. I really believe that we can learn a lot about heavenly realms by watching how our kids think and behave. We all are born from above, and we learn a lot of lessons on earth before ascending to the next level – namely, Heaven.

But, we are still here to learn, and as parents we have the obligation to teach our children, also teaching them how to navigate and survive in this world. And so they still must listen to us, even if we have forgotten some higher ways and higher truths. For without us, the children would surely perish. What an important responsibility it is to just be a parent. And how often I feel we are failing at that all important job b/c we are preoccupied with more ‘important’ tings.

We really need to listen to our children and not intimidate them into being us. We can remember how life was if we just listen and value our children’s input even though they are weak and useless. Sarcasm.

One of my points is to young believers, is that we still need to draw lines or boundaries in our lives. The temple in Jerusalem had three different levels or areas. The outer courtyard, the inner room or Holy area, and the innermost area the Holy of Holies, which only the High Priest could enter once a year. I believe the temple is a reflection of the spiritual condition of the people. The Holy of Holies is your innermost spiritual being and health. We should or should have been able to enter in to the Holy of Holies anytime and anyone, but we are getting better now. It was the work of Yahshua, or Jesus as us Greeks call Him, that did a lot of clean up and restoration to the spiritual condition of the cosmos.

Christians like to practice Agape love, unconditional love, but that in this reality can only be practiced with restraint and wisdom. You wouldn’t give all your money to a homeless person, and then put yourself on the street would you? You wouldn’t make breakfast and give your best efforts to a stranger when you could very well do that for your spouse or parents or favorite children? Part of growing up is learning to set boundaries and setting priorities and goals – with wisdom. And the LORD said He is never short of wisdom for His Children, so ask and expectantly wait for the answer. It comes and often comes quickly, so keep your eyes and ears and spiritual eyes and ears open and ready to receive.


The Power of the Word,

Who, what are you? Speak,

Everyone can talk but can everyone speak?

Who was Jesus called the Word,

My thoughts on this, sorry as you can tell it is very exciting stuff, to me. The Word, as Jesus was called by John, the beloved disciple, is God, was with God in the beginning, and through Whom everything was created. That means that Jesus, the Word, is/was the our Creator-God.

But why was He called the Word? I believe that it was He that Spoke everything into existence. Before Him, and there was before Him, it was ‘quiet’. According to the Jewish legends, the Word created the numbers and the alphabet, and then created everything with that. Like DNA for everything. 10 numbers and 22 alphabet. So maybe there really are only 32 basic building blocks for anything created in Heavens and the Earth.

We often say that talk is cheap. We admire men of action. But, in the higher realms, speaking and speaking with power seems to be more effective. I’ve never seen this happen, but I know this to be true, mostly. But here on good ol’ earth, what is the power of words?

I’ve noticed, and my eyes are getting wider and wider, even though they are batsuku (Guam word for slanted eyes), that people are prophets to themselves. ALL PEOPLE. If you think and then especially if you say out loud something like ‘I think I’m going to die young’. Then that is your fate for yourself. It is almost like a spell or something. That betrays the notion within your mind, that you either don’t believe it is more honorable to live a long life, or that there is some reason your life is painful that you don’t really want to live. Either way, there is an underlying problem.

A lot of people don’t believe in the power of words, and I ask them to say something, and then DON’t forget about it right away, but watch for its fulfillment. Most often it does come true. That’s another reason we should be very careful what we think or say. If we think of something we don’t like, we must ACTIVE refute or reject (nicely) that thought immediately and don’t allow it to get a foothold within our minds. This is mental vivacity. It is possible to be physically unlazy, and mentally lax.

Prophets, mostly are born. Prophets need to be careful what they say, b/c often it does come true. As in the book of Ezekial, it is more God like, if we had God vision and prophesize life, light, and love – instead of doom and gloom. A lot of people want to speak, publically, or feel they have what it takes to teach or say something of benefit to the world. If that’s what you believe, then that is true. Allow me to share. What the world really wants to hear is not about themselves or what they want to hear. We all need the truth, we all need love,

Speech and words come from the heart. As the Good Book says, out of the overflow of your heart the mouth speaks. So people who speak please spend time working on you. Your character is number one, having a good heart is essential, and being a good person is not worthless but is everything – especially to G-d.

God bless you this weekend, have fun!

When Words Start to Fail

I’m becoming a person of fewer words. It may not seem that way, b/c this blog is an outlet for my religious, spiritual, and intellectual thoughts. Try sharing some of your spiritual thoughts with a religious person, and they just might deem you a heretic. I’m not trying to create any schisms or any divisions thru crazy doctrine, I just believe and I have an active mind that could or more likely is wrong at least 50% of the time.

In my personal life, I’m seeing that it is better to listen more than speak. I guess that’s why we have two ears. People really want someone to listen anyways. And if they want to hear you say something, it is what they want to hear. I don’t pander. I say what I think best would help a person. But, even then there is a limit to how much a person can take in.

As I continue in my studies of reality, spiritual reality. It really has to be lived. Things can be described, b/c I really want to share it. But whether or not it is understandable, whether it really helps another person, I don’t know. I can only pray that GOD provides you quickly what you want, that you may REPENT and seek Him daily. Keep your life clean and acceptable to the LORD as possible. Many of the truths and things that churches and ministries put in their statements of faith, I’m finding almost too wonderful to write about. They really are deep mysteries.

GOD bless you,

An Important Work

What is important work? What is worth doing? I confess I have been swyed by the world on this one, and only now I am redefining my ideas about work and activity. After watching, LORD of the Rings, the hobbits work of dropping the ring into the fire doesn’t seem that hard or important. But it was a job only they could do, and ultimately it was that seemingly insignificant act that brought down the power of evil tumbling down. Everyone bowed to the humble hobbits in the end. It’s the same in the home, just because many women or men don’t ‘make money’ doesn’t mean the work isn’t worth anything, that it isn’t worth doing. In our busy, busy world, we define work worth doing by how much money it makes. And it shouldn’t be that way.

The Justice of Just Business

A quick challenge to those of us who are in the world of business, some more in it then others, but no one more in it then GOD. I’m humbled by people like Warren Buffett who humbly and graciously is giving away most of his billions of dollars. Not one to spoil his children, in a recent press release he stated that he has set aside adequate money for himself and his family, for generations I’m sure. That’s something Christians maybeable to learn, that it’s alright to have enough. It’s okay to have nice things. It’s not a sin to store up wealth, but also to consider the next world and have riches in heaven as well as continuing to share the wealth with the less fortunate.

It is not smart to strip oneself naked to ‘help’ others. That’s not a good example. But also, what about your family? Mr. Buffett has set aside enough and they will have a nice life or lifestyle too. There is nothing wrong with that. He earn his money honestly and through much hard work, I’m sure.

Now comes the hard part, having been a businessman, but now downsized to a craftsman, I’ve had time to think. The Hebrew Bible tells us that one thing that GOD does not seem to like is the oppression of workers. There is even a verse in Proverbs that says not to hold the wages of a worker overnight. This is in contrast to the way we do things in the world of work and business. People are trained to go out get a degree and work for someone. That is good for most, some people are more independent and can take care of themselves and even thousands through their GOD given abilities and position, like Bill Gates-Microsoft and other such large companies; Mr. Buffett included. What’s my point? Be nice to your employees in the way that matters the most – pay them as well as you can. Humbly, -J

Meaningless Musing & Observations, or MMO, p.1

Why don’t they give out matches as marketing on Guam (esp. for restaurants ) anymore?

5;35am, p.2


SIn9le 2 Married

So you’re moving from being single to married?  You’re around late twenties to early thirties?  I’m 38.  I married at 35.  Really late, I know.  In retrospect, after being in marriage for a few years, what would I do differently?  Mind you, I’m spewing from a traditional perspective.

When I was single, I was really looking hard for my ‘one’.  Looking back, I was seemingly obsessed.  A lot of it was feelings of inadequacy, peer pressure, loneliness, boredom, DESIRE FOR SEX, need for fulfillment.  A lot of things.  That’s why when you do get married,  I say, “don’t mess it up!”  You may in the heat of the moment want to throw it all away.  But, look at how much a marriage means to you.  It’s not just a body, it’s more than having someone to love, it’s really the whole enchilada.

Somethings I would look out for, just me by the way:

-1) Pick someone who is committed.  Not crazy!  I mean someone who is a faithful and patient person.  Someone who doesn’t bail out at the first sign of difficulty or trouble.  Why?  Because believe it or not, although I married someone a lot like me, she and I still had a ton of differences.  To work through everything and get to know each other takes commitment.  We even fought a lot, but we still stayed together.  And I’m much better for it.  Committed and a person of their word.  Integrity is important.

0) Pick someone who loves you for you.  Not what you can give.  Sometimes we’re willing to marry someone because we want to be married so bad.

0.5) If it doesn’t feel right, if you’ve seen the signs that’s she’s not right.  Then she’s not right for you.  Break it off. (more…)

Great business advice from Wendy’s dad

Hi, you don’t know Wendy’s dad.  You don’t even know Wendy.  But she’s my childhood friend til today, although we don’t really talk much.  She’s like a sister to me.

Wendy’s dad owns many stores in the mall on Guam.  He’s a very rich man.  I saw him walking through checking on a store.  He saw me, and I hurried over to greet him.  Wendy’s dad is a kind man with a nice smile with great business advice.

That day he told me.  If you have enough, then just be happy with that.  If you’re making ends meet, and have a little extra, that’s good is what I take that to mean.  He then went on to tell me that although he made a ton of money last year, a lot of it went to pay for his employee’s salaries and bonuses.  He works really hard and it all mostly goes to others.  The bigger you make your business, the more pressure there is, the more mouths there are to feed, and you work a lot harder, and the fruits of your labor mostly go to others.  So again, his advice to me was to be happy with a simple life and with enough.

Perhaps I could add that when you have a big business, people think you have all kinds of cash lying around, so they ‘bother’ you more for handouts and such.

They Only Waylay Themselves

Has life treated you unfairly?  Can you immediately think of several people that have wronged you?  Don’t you just want to curse them and die?  Where is justice, GOD?  Do you even care?  Are you there?  If you are GOD then do something?  Why not, then are you powerless?  You must not be GOD?

This is a string of thoughts that eventually ends with ‘There must be no GOD’.  GOD is dead.  Bang.  You just killed Him.

No, not really.  GOD is there, I know Him.  And you do too.  C’mon, you do.  He speaks to you right there in the center of your chest – your fleshy heart.    But what you lack is  just a little understanding.

In the good book, in Psalms, those who do bad things only hurt themselves.  And in reality too.  My father, pushing 70 now, has seen this in his own life.  It just takes time, GOD is slow to anger and to judge.  Yes, you get hurt too, good heart.  But you are on your way up.  Evildoers are on their way to destruction.  As the good books says, “They only waylay (or destroy) themselves’.  Does that thought give you consolation?

As you grow to forgive your enemies, you may even learn to bless them.  No one wants to see people headed for destruction, the fire.  After all, people are the most precious masterpieces of life.  Maybe, just maybe one day you could turn someone from their ways, thus saving them from the fire.  Wouldn’t that just be wonderful?  OK.  Maybe not.

Baby steps.  One step at a time.  Forgive, as GOD has forgiven you most graciously.  Please forgive.

Ethics in Business

After a visit to China late 2005, I got to see a whole ‘nother way of doing business.  There, people will try to take you if they can.  There is no trust.  I just didn’t understand this way of doing business.  I guess that is the norm there. 

Well, here in the United States. Yes, I said it, Guam is a part of the United States.  People are not like that, mostly.  Some people are I guess in varying degrees.  But mostly people strive to be fair and honest in their business dealings.  As a society, we mostly agree that is how it should be.  And dishonesty and shadiness is frowned upon.

As I am getting older and (hopefully) wiser.  I see that not all is as it should be.  There are increasing gray areas and not so much black and white.  I’m seeing that besides the obvious, I’m not a good judge of what is good and what is ‘evil’.  Maybe that’s why we aren’t to judge. 

So what do I think is the point of business?  Ask most and they’ll say to make money.  I think that definition falls short.  It boils down business, strips away alot of the more precious aspects of being in business and simplifies it to ‘chasing the almighty dollar’ in my opinion.  Business (busyness) is about an activity; doing something that is worthwhile.  Profiting is worthwhile, for sure.  A business that is not sustainable will not last.  And maybe you don’t want it to last, up to you.  How about doing something of value.  That’s important.

I’m getting a little sidetracked.  My point is nothing seems so simple anymore.  Anyone who tells you they have all the answers is not being straight with you.  The world is a complex, but wonderful place.  Just because we can’t understand it all, doesn’t mean it’s bad.  In the meantime, I’ll work on how to be better.  Be nice to people.  Do no harm.  Be giving.  Work Hard.  Laugh, not so serious.  Ah, there are so many things.  But I have faith that things are gonna be alright. 

One Love.

Digeus SnapIt – Product Review

9The folk(s) over at Digeus, actually approached me to put a link to their website.  How cool is that?

Please visit their site using the above link, or the one in the sidebar.  They make software useful for optimizing your system and other cool software like SnapIt and the Digeus Online TV Player.

They showed me their SnapIt software.  Basically, Mac users, it makes printscreen on the Windows more like ‘printscreen’ on the Mac.  I hope its ok to say that.  While SnapIt is running, when one presses printscreen (Its actually written Print Screen, but me writing it together makes it look more like a button, go figure) a cross appears, and then one can drag to create an area.  That area is what gets copied to the Windows clipboard.  One then can paste it into various programs.  Not all programs will be able to paste.

But, the coolest feature is one can turn on auto save, so that every printscreen is saved to a designated folder.  I created the above picture for this post really rather quickly.  I snapped it, and then I uploaded the picture from the SnapIt pictures folder.  Before SnapIt, I would have to hit printscreen, open my graphics program, wait, then create a canvas, paste from the clipboard, crop the picture, then save it as a .gif or .jpeg.  Whew!

Free Trial Downloads available!  Irreplaceable tool for Designers, Office Workers, Business People, Analysts.  Perfect for Technical Writers who have to describe interfaces, menus, buttons, etc.

Maybe now I can do some Tech. writing?  Maybe! Thanks, Digeus!

Get a Girlfriend

This is a message from GOD…”get a girlfriend”

Just joking.  Or actually half-joking.

I’m not really qualified, but I’ve done so much of the wrong thing when it comes to girls/women that I now have an idea of what the right thing could be.

I think the problem with some guys and girls is that they take things too fast.  They get serious too soon.

Why not just be a friend to some girl?  Why do you have to show off, buy her a lot of stuff, and try to get into her pants.  Sorry, if that statement offends.

You could talk to her on the phone.  You could meet for coffee.  How about remembering her birthday?  Or helping her when she needs it, like closing her typhoon shutters or helping her move something.

Maybe you could have one, or two, or even three girls that are friends.  Because its not serious.  But, just get to know the person.  Care about her.  And overtime, you will see if she returns your care.  You will see if she responds.  And overtime, you will see if she is right for you.

Why be Wronged?

The Apostle Paul tells us that instead of taking brothers to court, why not be wronged?

That is an interesting concept.

An Eye for an Eye

38“You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ 39But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. 40And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. 41If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. 42Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.  -Jesus Christ, fr. Matthew 5.

My mom a while back, said this is hard to do.  My wife tells me its kind of dumb.  But, this is Jesus’s way.  And He is the Way.

The point is do not be afraid to be ‘taken advantage’ of, to be wronged.  Be a giver for the LORD.  Give your body, your belongings, your time, your energy, your money…to win people for the LORD.   Don’t be afraid to give your all to the LORD.  After all, He can fill you up, again and again.

Elijah the Prophet, Well to Do?


Elijah the Prophet is an interesting character from the Bible, 1 Kings.

He bursts on the scene w/ no introduction, performs wonderous miracles and signs, and then after a few chapters is taken up to heaven in a whirlwind.

But here’s a question – what did he do to feed himself?  Was he rich?  Poor?  Some people would say he totally depended on the LORD as shown by being fed by ravens and being fed by the widow of Zarephath. These are just my thoughts.  Some musings, if you will… (more…)

Superpost, Matthew 25 – Be prepared, be working, be helpful, To Be p.3


Remember, I’ve been thinking of what we might be doing while we’re waiting on the LORD.  I posted ‘Be the Salt’ and ‘Be Religious’.  Now we have a superpost.  Hope you’ll follow along.  Matthew 24 talks about waiting for Jesus Christ to return.  We will not know when.   JC will come ‘like a thief in the night’.  Our LORD and GOD, Jesus Christ, will come in power!  It will be a glorious scene with Him and his angels coming to harvest the world.  He’ll be in the sky, and his angels will come wisk you away.  So JC wants us not to be decieved.  When He returns you’ll know how and there will be no confusion that, yup, that’s GOD!

SO before then what else are we supposed to be doing? (more…)

Be the Salt of the Earth, To Be p1


Lately I’ve been wondering…what are we supposed to be doing here on earth while our LORD is gone.  Is it to be religiously going to church and doing Bible studies?  That’s part of it.  But let’s look at the words of our LORD.  He said during His Sermon on the Mount, ‘You are the salt of the earth’.

What does that mean?

After doing a keword search for ‘salt’ on, I found numerous uses for salt. (more…)

What to Expect from Guam?


You’re in the military, or coming here for some other work-related reason from the United States?  Yes?

You will either love it or hate it.

It looks different/nice: All the palm and coconut trees.  This black algae gets on all the building making it look dirty.  No tall buildings.  No highways.  35 mph speed limit everywhere.  We have power, water, cable, phones, internet.  But it’s pretty dark at night; no street lights.  The buildings are all concrete boxes.  Same types of cars.  Most of the people are brown or yellow.  But no one will look at you strangely if you are Caucasian, African-American, or Hispanic.  Guam is a truly diversified place tolerant of racial differences. (more…)