Why is this important?

Thank you Christina Perri,

5000 B.C. – GOD, Son of GOD, and Adam,

4000 B.C. – Jared, Enoch (Fu Xi?), and Methuselah,

3000 B.C. – Lamech, Noah, and Shem,

2200 B.C. – Peleg, Reu, and Serug,

2000 B.C. – Terah, Abraham, and Issac,

1800 B.C. – Judah, Perez, and Hezron,

1600 B.C. – Amminadab, Nahshon, and Salmon,

1400 B.C. – Moses, Joshua, and Caleb,

1200 B.C. – Salmon, Boaz, and Obed,

1000 B.C. – David, Solomon, and Menelik,

00000000 – Joseph, Jesus, and Gebiyah,

200 A.D. – (The dates on St. Augustine are wrong b/c he was contemporary w/ Pliny)

Monica, Augustine, and Adeodatus,

400 A.D. – Merovech, Childerich, and Clovis

600 A.D. – King Suddhodana (Lao Tzi), Siddhartha Gautama, and Joshua Hsueh Chen,

1000 A.D. – Earl of Ibelin, Bailian, and Helvis,

1200 A.D. – King Charles II and Maria of Hungary, Charles Martel of Anjou, and Charles Robert,

1400 A.D. – Vlad II, Vlad Tepes & Mina, and the Mihai,

1600 A.D. – Medmed III, Ahmed I, and Osman II,

1800 A.D. – King Rama III, King Rama IV, and Prince Chitchareon

2000 A.D. – Jaime and Brenda 4ever

The Cult of Ethics (Good&Evil)

This is mostly a restatement of something I read by Watchman Nee, Chinese Christian living in the 1900s, FooChow, China.  Interestingly, this is most likely where my family came from.  But, I digress.

In the Garden, Adam and Eve were not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  What I understand Brother Nee to be saying is that really there is not Good and Evil.  By eating of the tree, we have come to frame life into those categories.  But rather it should be life itself we seek.  After all, the opposite tree was the Tree of Life.

As our LORD said to the rich young ruler, why do yo ask what is good?  … if you want to enter life, obey the commandments … (Matthew 19:17)

Basically there is only life, the Life of GOD, and that can only be lived by obeying the commandments of the LORD.  Obedience is key.  Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life.  Obey the LORD>

Judge Not Others

I have a plank in my eye!  Help.  So I’ll just be quiet now, me and my hypocrite mouth.  We’re often misunderstood.  The LORD always has a kind voice for those who are gentle and lowly of heart.  Those who seek Him with all their heart.  It is more constructive, to have overcome a bad habit or issue and be able to help someone else with the same problem.  Very often, we can name the problem, and point it out, but people also often already know what their problem is.  Pointing it out again and again may annoy, frustrate, or depress the person.

We have good intention to help.  But, if we don’t have a real solution, the helping is actually hurting.  So instead of possibly hurting, not helping would be better.  “Do No Harm”.  Sometimes doing nothing is better, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Sometimes people are not ready for your help.

There also is the possibly that a person is beyond your help and in the hands of the LORD.  It is wise to check with Him first.  LORD, would it be to help this person?  The power to change, really,is with the LORD.  We don’t know what’s the plan, if you know what I mean, so any suffering even is appointed.  Interference, however good intended, is actually a work against the LORD.  The LORD knows our hearts, so it’s okay.  But, isn’t it better to work alongside the LORD?

Please see: Matthew 7

I So Don’t Want to Be ‘Marrying’ Anymore

Marriage, it’s an institution

But what does that mean?

Endless flowers, beautiful dress, music, big cake

Many, many guests

Who’s that?

Rent out the best place, boola bucks

To some, it is a joy, a beautiful grand reflection of grandiosity

But, for many, it is a burden, a fleeting memory resulting in debt

The main thing is the love, the commitment

Knowing that this person is with you for the rest of your love

Love, love growing love.  Deeper, deeper understanding

One with each other and with the One, oceans flowing, mind-expanding

Hand in hand, side by side we move together into eternity, I’ll love you forever, only you

one with the One

Everyone has to have a name and a face,

But, I’m not doing this for myself.  I’m doing it b/c I’m led to.

I don’t have all the answers.  GOD does.

Let’s move beyond the self, into the I, the great I, GOD

Christians call this ‘crucifying’ the self with Christ

I best explain it by become one with the One

by giving up on myself, becoming one withe the One,

I become Him, who is the greatest of all, greater than all the heavens and the earth, which is the universe

I ceased to become me, who could have been the greatest on this small speck we call earth,

but probably never would have become,

through giving it all up, you gain it all, that’s the grace of GOD