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Bible Study – James 1: 1-12, Trials, Bigger Trials, Biggest Trial,

Be patient, younglings, as you grow in the Spirit, you will have more of the Spirit, more eyes to see, and ears to hear,

Don’t depend on others, but figure and prayer and meditate on GOD’s Word yourself,

But as there are paradoxes stated in the Bible, the point is Spiritual Truth is hard to explain but IS UNDERSTOOD with your heart, depend on me, I pray a spirit of understanding be imparted to you,

If you can explain it adequately, maybe you could be a pastor or pastorette,

That said, let’s look at the text:

1 James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ,

To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations:


Trials and Temptations

2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. 6 But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7 That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. 8 Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.

9 Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position. 10 But the rich should take pride in their humiliation—since they will pass away like a wild flower. 11 For the sun rises with scorching heat and withers the plant; its blossom falls and its beauty is destroyed. In the same way, the rich will fade away even while they go about their business.

12 Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

We are to consider it joy when we are tested? That is hard to do, but becomes easier as you become stronger. Sometimes we don’t grow well, but complain and whine, and that’s ok, it just shows us where we are in our growth. But our faith is growing by the testing which everyone has experience of. Part of having a more developed faith is having perseverance. We can see perseverance in someone who prays diligently and consistently for something from the LORD Jesus UNTIL they get it.

It is beautiful and refreshing to hear that GOD provides, we just have to know first that He does not want us to lack anything. Psychologically, if we rationally think GOD wants us to suffer, be poor, always suffer lack, then we will choose that and that will be our experience of life.

It’s not that the LORD Jesus doesn’t want to give us. The passage says we should not EXPECT to receive, because we didn’t show the faithfulness and put in the work to get what we wanted. But as the Rich Landowner in the Parable of the Workers, GOD always gives us what we need, anyways, because He loves us.

I like to take a breath and take a step back to understand the flow of the text, to help word or frame, for your understanding this passage. James first talks about the importance of testing and trials. It is to grow us up. It is to help us trust and know GOD. Many of our trials, if you think about is are about character, yes, but they revolve around our needs.

We often live our days needing this and wanting that. And that my friends is the basic summary of existence. We need to know that GOD,

GOD gives us generously and without finding fault.

So the bigger context is, a trial of being rich and being poor. That is simplified but also a major experience of life. You either see yourself as a poor or humble person, and we often want more money. That is your experience of life. And the rich, when spiritual, are often seen as moneybags, and they often wish for a humble life. The grass is always greener they say. Also the rich, in the spiritual world, are sometimes marginalized when it comes to spiritual things. Just give me the money.

The biggest trial is life itself, if you stand til the end. You receive the crown of life from Jesus Christ. I expect mine to be big, heavy, gold, with many jewels – blue ones. I like blue.

As I posted about before, there is the idea of pre-existence and we all heard about the after world, or after life. Our brothers, the Jewish people, have many writings on pre-existence. It’s possible that we lived as baby spirits in some other realm before being born here. This life is a trial or set of lessons to be learned. So be patient, be good, and attentive, and learn your lessons well, please,


What Tromps What, Trumps, I Mean,

I’ve been thinking of values. Heavenly values, priorities verses earthly values and priorities,

Part of why family break up, is b/c of the earthly values at operation. One so called earthly value is the ‘law’ of survival of the fittest, or only the strong survive. For example, it is this value that sometimes causes parents to get rid of their unborn children knowing that he/she/it could be handicapped. And who would want a handicapped child brought into the world?

I’m not asking GOD for a handicapped child, to prove anything. And that is very insensitive of me to think it is not heart wrenching to raise a child of such, and to think that my correctness will change the imperfection of the world any.

There is too much stress on being productive, being useful, being un-lazy, when most people don’t have the understanding of what exactly is good production, usefulness, etc.

As cliche as it sounds, Life is very precious, all life. We all have laws of GOD, the Eternal Father written in our hearts. We all have the basic ones. But, we have left them behind in search of a better way. There is no better way than GOD’s way. We must return home and listen to the Voice of the One and Only True GOD, who speaks in the stillness of the nheart. When you know, you know. It’s like being in Love, for He is love.

If we love each other, we would stay together. Why don’t we? If there is a way to go back, why don’t we? Pride? If we can undo it all? Why don’t we? laziness? unwillingness? Is it not all that, is it just guilt?

The innocent have guilt, and sometimes GOD doesn’t know what to do but come up with an elaborate plan to get you to go back to Him, and return to Him. Is it possible that He created everything just to have something with you? I would like to introduce you to my GOD and my King,

The LORD Jesus Christ

Who He is – is somewhat of a mystery. He is the GOD-Man, the bridge between Heaven and earth. He is your GOD. He is the WORD, through WHOM, everything included people were created. He is your King, not only the descendent of King David, but THE descendent of the Lord-Father, Adam, the very first man on the earth. He is the High Priest of all Priests.

But what did He do? You’ve heard it a million times, He died at Calvary. He was ransomed for our sins. So, He purchased the sin debt for all mankind past, present, and forever. His blood, his death was so valuable, b/c of who He is/was. He GOD forever. The forces of darkness wanted that, and so GOD,

This is the called church age. It is a time of incredible, beautiful, fantastic GRACE. Faith has been poured out on the earth. The Spirit, Self, has been poured out all over the Heavens and Earth. GOD is calling in everyone and anybody SO if you hear His Voice,


It is a simple thing, just trust in the Power, Mightiness, Faithfulness, and Love, among otherthings of our LORD Jesus. Just believe that the LORD is your homeboy, or that He got your back. Bow down to Him, and serve Him, ask, seek, knock! Put all your faith and trust in Him, Obey HIM. You don’t really have to try, just believe in Him. Be like a child, and depend on Him. That’s the best way to explain it,

Pray: “My precious LORD Jesus. I’ve been unhappy with my life, life on my own. I need you. Won’t you please save me. I cannot live without you. I cannot have a good life without you. I cannot be good without you. I believe in You, I believe that You can wash away all my sins, and make me a New Person. I believe that You will never leave me or forsake me. I believe that every day you will be with me and change me from day to day. I believe that You love me beyond words can say. I believe that you want to take me higher and higher, give me glory, give me life, give me happiness, give me peace, give me rest, give me honor, give me all good things. Yes, even money. If only we would love you ONLY, honor you, obey you, thank you LORD Jesus for accepting me. In your name we pray,


Your Job Now,

If you are following the LORD Jesus now, what is your main job? What is really your job? You have to work with the LORD, He wants to clean you up, teach you His WORD, and firmly plant His WORD within you. He will write His WORD on the Tablets of your Heart. And all goodness wants to dwell with you. And when you are ready you will be like Him. You will be a teach and preacher of righteousness, a healer of all sickness, proclaim the Gospel, and lead people to the Saviour, the One and Only True GOD, Messiah, our LORD Jesus Christ!

Go forth today in boldness and confidence! May the LORD be with you always!

The Priesthood of the First Born,

In my last post, I alluded to the fact that I wasn’t that discerning as to the righteousness of my wife before we married. I think it is better and easier to marry someone like you in spirituality, and become a super couple. I confess that I wasn’t wholeheartedly seeking someone like me, zealous for the LORD, but it is just another testimony I have of how good the LORD is.

He covered me, in that, He probably made it okay. GOD is so powerful and it is a mystery how He does what He does. Through loving and ministering to my wife, I know better what it is to be a person, I understand life on this planet better, I understand the problems that normal everyday people have better. And forgive me for saying this bluntly, but I feel I have become a much better person because I married my wife. She follows me, she follows the LORD. But, I pray that soon she will be able to seek Him and have her own realationship with GOD.

Now, back to the Priesthood of the First Born. Starting with our fFather Adam, the priesthood was transferred from first born to first born. I believe that is ideal, but the more important thing is righteousness. So, that is the meaning of Priest in the Order of Melchizedek. Christ was the first born, is the first born, forever will be the first born, AND He iswasalwayswillbe, the MOST RIGHTEOUS of us all, so in effect He has restored the Priesthood of the Righteous First Born. Order meaning ‘birth order’.

Please see ths:

I’m having some thoughts on this now, and welcome discussion this, please. Have a strong finish to your week! GOD is your sun and shield, may you fall under His protection always,

My need to be married, before GOD’s need..

When I married my wife, as glorious as it was, I received an rebuke from my pastor. He said that I put my need to get married before GOD’s need. After that I took that to mean, that I married one that is not of the LORD. That was true somewhat, but I believe GOD’s seeds were planted well before I met my wife. She was not happy b/c of a life was not fair and did not treat her well.

What does GOD need? It’s not really a need, but it is for the sake of humanity. We see in Scripture that it is through the righteous that all are blessed. And especially through the work of the LORD Jesus Christ! How great was His sacrifice and work, blessed be He forever and forever!

Why do things go wrong. I’ll be bold to say, the economy that is becoming worse on the earth, although we’re still doing fine through the blessings of GOD, is because mankind is becoming increasingly wicked. When mankind is not good, blessings are not able to flow from above to here, below.

So you little ones in the LORD, know how important you are to life on this planet. You sometimes may feel like you don’t serve an important role, but just by being who you are (a righteousness of the LORD), you DO serve an important role of holding back the LORD’s judgements on the earth, you serve to receive bad things (as the bad also receive good things), and you are a conduit of the LORD’s blessing on this earth. Be happy, b/c you are VERY VERY IMPORTANT!

May GOD bless richly and abundantly,

The Image of GOD

Another very powerful things about being man. Issac said, “Cease and desist from the image of GOD!”, and the angels obeyed. When GOD created man, according to the Jewish Haggadah (Legends), GOD bade Satan to bow to man, when he did not it resulted in a contest, and then to the fall of Satan. Something about being the image of GOD made man although much, much LESS poweful, intelligent, beautiful, and much, much lower than the angels superior to them. And that is being the image of GOD. What does that mean? It could mean a few things. It could mean there is something in us that is the SEED of GOD. It could mean that we resemble HIM in character more closely. It could mean that we are Sons and not merely Servants of GOD. Something to think about? Hmmm.

The Truth of the Adversary (theory)

Why do we have enemies? Why does GOD allow it? Was the story of the Fall very, very terrible? Yes, we hear laments and blame that if Adam and Eve did not fall, we would so and so. But is it possible that it was planned by GOD to happen that way? Afterall, if GOD has written history already, then we in general unfold and participate. As free people, we have choice and can add to the tree, but mostly as Scripture says it is all for His purposes. Enemies (can be done in a friendly way or not), but they serve to mature and improve a person. If Superman didn’t have Lex Luthor challenging him, he wouldn’t get smarter. If Batman didn’t have the Joker challenging him, he would have stayed a humorless, killjoy, millionaire spoiled person. Adversaires are also our matches. We don’t find people who are our ‘equals’ a threat or intimidating, b/c they are just about where we are in life, and that helps us to struggle with them – as iron sharpens iron.

Working and Trading

I realized today that we all live by the rules of GOD. Wisdom and Truth is what we need. If we want to eat FOOD, then we need to work. Work as defined in the Bible is to work the ground, and in be a farmer. But why can’t we all be farmers these days? Truthfully, many, many people are quote on quote slaves. We don’t own any land, we don’t own the cars and houses but the loans to repay. We in reality HAVE nothing. So materials are not bad afterall, but are part of the very definition of freedom and blessing. So if you own land, there is a responsibility on you now, that you’ve read this to grow your own food. If you have not the ability or inkling, then that’s something. But being able to grow your own food would afford you the benefits of healthier organic foods at lower cost, exercise (no going to the gym), health (more time in the air, sun, water, near the earth), among other things.

If you need other things like clothes, money, etc. Then they have to be TRADED. You have to take something you own or ‘own’, and convert it/exchange it with someone else for something else.

That’s my lesson for today. Be blessed and whole! In GOD’s love,

The LORD’S Supper, the Ultimate GROSS OUT,

Guys burt, fart, and vomit, and it’s funny. Or it’s gross, depending on your point of view. But, what does the LORD’s Supper remind me of? If you have been confused by it, tested by it, maybe that’s the way we should think about it. Hear of hazing? At fraternities or initiation rites, that’s in my humble opinion what the LORD’s Supper is. It’s funny, it’s thought provoking, and believe it or not. I believe that most likely the LORD was a vegetarian but He ate everything in order that He might not offend anyone. For it is clear that in the beginning, GOD create man and woman to be one flesh, but he also created the seed bearing plants, green plants for food for all, including the animals. Where we ever got the idea to eat animals is beyond me. But we do.

So what’s my point? Remember after feeding the five thousand? The LORD said my flesh and blood are real food and that is a parable. The LORD spoke parables to those who did not believe in Him, but rather would use Him. Those who rejected Him. Fear not, if you love Him and follow Him sincerely, but do not understand and do not keep His commands – yet, you are under no judgement. But rewards are for those who follow AND obey.

Immediately after He said to people to eat his flesh and drink His blood, the LORD said His WORDS ARE SPIRITUAL and LIFE. It is the Spirit and the Obedience to HIS WORD that gives TRUE LIFE, not flesh and blood. I pray you see and hear,

So when I’m taking the LORD’s Supper in it’s current rite, what do I think? I’m not thinking that the bread is the flesh of the LORD, and not the wine is the blood of the LORD. I’m thinking…of the meaning of it all. As we the church members eat together, we are the body, the family of GOD. This was only made possible through the blood, the sacrifice of the LORD Jesus. It’s seems simple, but most truth is simple. They build on each other and it can seem complex, but it’s really not.

Be blessed this week,

Demonic Attacks

Do we fear it? Yes, but did we deserve it? Again the answer is yes. I’m coming to realize that demons serve a purpose which is to punish evil-doers, whether they are GOD’s people or not. How do the bad spirits come into your life? Usually through some sin(hole) in your heart. For example, when I sold my house. I greedily wanted to make a lot of money by investing that money. I had greed in my heart. This was a hole for bad things to happen. A salesman used the right words and painted the right picture of me making a lot of money by investing with him. That guy is my friend now, but that’s another story. So I gave over the money to him. He held it for a while, but gave it back eventually. My wife and I nearly had heart attacks a few times, when we panicked and thought he wouldn’t ever give the money back. Ha-ah, ah well, it was fun now that I think back. Haha.

I’m Normal Right Now,

Nothing really to report. I’m just busy making money, bread-winning for my family. It seems mundane, but I’m enjoying the break from all the holiness. Ha-ha. One thing, I’m thinking about is the other perspective of a ‘sinner’ versus a righteous Christian.

Isn’t it strange that some Christians chide regular ol’ folk for not going to church. I’ve heard some say that it people aren’t putting GOD as a priority if they are not religiously going to church. They are told to ‘challenge’ the ‘unchurched’. But, what well meaning church folk don’t realize is that many people especially on Guam, don’t make a good living. They often have to do things they don’t want to, even break a few Laws of YHWH to make their families happy. How does that feel? Not good, I’m sure. They have to work their butts off, just to make ends meet.

Do you blame them if they don’t want to go to church? Because you will just ask them to donate. You won’t? I don’t believe that. You will. At first, you will not require it. But as they come regularly you will put it on their hearts to give. And when you got them ‘hooked’ on Bible, then you will point out verses that require ‘children of GOD’ to give at least 10% to 90%! Yes, I’ve heard pastors say that some very, very good rich Christians live on 10% and give 90%. (more…)

Who has the POWER?

It’s the Spirit of GOD. Not by might nor by power, but by the Spirit of GOD. It may sound like churchy stuff that is not understandable by regular people, but it is actually very easy to understand. Things don’t happen by people doing it. I mean they do. But quite often, when we try to make things happen, by our design, our thinking, for our purposes only, and by our resources, ingeniunity, and power, something wonderful does happen! But, when we work w/ GOD in His Work, then something beautiful, perfect, and truly wonderful happens. And we were a part of it. I know I have ability. All of us have. But, I’m choosing to work with GOD, patiently, and in His Way, to achieve things that are beyond my scope of understanding.

The best way to describe this type of working, is that you watch to see what happens, what GOD does. It takes a while to be able to see his work. You have to be acquainted with GOD and His Ways, to be able to see. When you do, things, tasks, just kind of come your way. You have the choice to work on it, or you can be too busy to do your own thing. It’s up to you. But, most often, we have our own agenda, we have our own things we want to achieve. When you are most often doing things for GOD, for others, then you will be ready to serve GOD and others unselfishly.

The funny things is that when you serve others and stop thinking about yourself so much. GOD will take care of you. He will watch over you. He fills in, and although it is not easy to make this change, if it is truly a desire of your heart, then it will be so. Have many good deeds, love thru and thru, don’t harm, but help. May GOD bless you all,

Like the wind, I’m back

Hi, I’m back and would just like to say the people of GOD are extraordinarily tough people. Through many fastings, watchings, and sufferings, we follow our LORD and gain victory over all. I’m finally watching the HBO documentary Friends of GOD. My notes on the next post or the comments box of this one.

New Year’s Resolution, p.2

Read through the Bible from cover to cover, straight through, in order, this year. No skipping over Leviticus, over Deuteronomy, I know Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekial are boring. Psalms, 150 of them!

Taking A Break

I’m taking a break, feeling rather unqualified to speak, so to speak. Be back soon.

It Gives Me Goose Bumps, p.1

To think, that like Adam who was and is called the son of GOD, we too are sons of GOD, through Jesus Christ our LORD and dare we say, our Brother.

Blag, blagh, balh, lbah, blay

belw, beil, blue, biels, buye, bleh, pleft, hrip, left, raw, jaf, jab, teb, tew, liw, le, jo, jee,ja

Elijah, What More Can I Say? p.1

I’ve been getting hits for Elijah or Elijah the Prophet.  So what do you guys/gals want to know?  Did he have power?  Wouldn’t you like power like that?  Magic, that’s what it’s like.

The power is GOD’s.  Like Moses who lifted his hands when told, then GOD did the heavy lifting, Elijah spoke and acted as GOD directed.  Like a puppet, sort of.  How would you like to be a puppet?  :)  I’m just kidding.

Elijah wasn’t brain-dead.  He always had free will, and could have disobeyed GOD’s commands at any time.  But he chose to do things GOD’s way, to trust GOD.  He chose to submit his own way of doing things to GOD’s way.  It is not easy.  One may even think of it as a collaboration of sorts.  By following GOD, GOD would in time establish a prophet through fulfilled prophecies, miracles, healings, things of that sort.  A true prophet would be honored in the community eventually.

Elijah was a prophet.  So, what’s a prophet?  Right now, I don’t really know 100%.  But, just as GOD created each of us to be individual and unique, prophets come in all colors, flavors, shapes, and sizes.  That’s for sure.

People don’t usually like prophets around because they remind them of their sins.  Prophets are like policemen, policewomen.  And they may point out people their sins too, ouch. But, the best way to describe what or the way this could be done is in Ezekial.  Prophets ‘warn’ of danger to people’s lives, to their souls.  And they may even be a sign of judgement, as Jonah was to the Ninevites.  But I believe, that the opposite is true also.  Prophets encourage or praise when a person turns from sin, and they could also be a sign of blessing to a community.

Stephen the Stoned, I’m ‘Going Fishin’ for 6 months…

Remember Stephen from the Bible, book of Acts?  He was stoned to death.  For what?  For speaking truth, speaking out against the religious order of Jews at the time.  What did he say that was so bad, that deserved a death sentence?  Through the Spirit, he harshly rebuked the religious, calling them stiff-necked (they were), resistors of the Holy Spirit, and persecutors of prophets sent by GOD.

I’m ‘GOING FISHING’ for 6 months, by order.  I’ll be happy to pick up where I left off.


Try Making a Christian Friend

I’m a fan of the show ‘Friends’ so hope they don’t make me take this photo down.

Nowadays, when friends come and go, friends don’t really help but just want to help themselves to you…etc.  Where are your true friends?

I tend to shy away from the term ‘Christian’.  I usually say I follow Jesus or I follow the Ywa, (Funny, I meant to type ‘Way”, but that’s good too).

But, why not try making a Christian friend?  Not all Christians are good, I’ll say that.  But some of the stories I heard are incredible:

-Christian women (beautiful ones) falling in love with men’s heart and not their looks.

-Christian woman falling in love with an inmate.  She would visit him every week until he was let out.  And then she ‘ministered’ to him.  He later became a pastor.

-Christian woman ministering to a legless ‘loser’. She loved him so much she would backpack him around.  Later, they married.  He became a pastor.

I have more stories, but I’ll save them for a later time.  GOD bless.

Being Sick

Sometimes being sick can be a time to spend with GOD and a time to reflect.

So often, we speed through life trying to get what we think we want.  And often we think we are the masters of our destiny and authors of our own lives.  But, we’re not.  At most, we’re co-authors with GOD.

Today, I was sick.  And often, I’m telling my wife what to do.  But today she got so many things done with out me.  And she did it with such joy.  I was humbled.

Also, I have been working like a madman – worrying about money so much these last few days, almost a week.  I just hear GOD asking me to trust Him.  He will provide.

Where’s my faith?  Sometimes I just don’t know.

– – – – – –

*C0ugh* Good nite all.

Be Generous – To Be p4

Generosity is easy to talk about, but hard to do consistently.  Basically GOD gives to us, so we can enjoy life, but also so that we may help others.  Be blessed to be a blessing.  Here are some Bible verses and comments:

6Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. 7Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 8And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. 9As it is written:

“He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor;
his righteousness endures forever.”

10Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness. 11You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.

2 Cor. 9 (more…)

Love your Women

Love women.  We should all love one another.  But today, I’d like to talk specifically about women.  Women are different from men.  Not better, not worse, just not the same.  That doesn’t mean men have to be like women, or women have to be like men.  But, men and women should work together in harmony, as a team.

We should appreciate each other’s differences.  After, we complement one another.  We should appreciate each other’s talents and contributions.  GOD put men and women together because they can help each other.  Since I’ve been married, my wife has helped me make smarter decisions.  Major decisions we always make together with prayer and consideration.  GOD’s opinion counts the most.  We often wait for an indication, usually through circumstances, of how He wants us to go.  Back to women, guys usually make decisions very quickly, which can be detrimental.  Women, at least my wife makes me slow down and think about it, because they are usually by nature more cautious.  Funny to say, usually I’m right.  But, not all the time.  And taking time to do things right is usually the best policy, because things get shaken out, and turn aright over time, by GOD’s grace.

Men, loving your women means valuing them.  And making them feel loved and secure.  If that involves working another job, then so be it.  Your priorities, on this earth, after GOD, is to take care of your own, your family.  That is true religion.  Speak words of love.  Words that will lift her spirit, make her feel cherished, and never say things to tear her down.  As husband, you have responsibility to look after her – even rebuking her, when she is in the wrong, when that time comes.  Care for her as you would care for your own body.  Is her hair nice?  Is she in shape?  Wearing nice clothes?  Does she look like a queen? Is she eating, drinking, and sleeping well?

Women, you have to love your men, too.  Love involves a lot of things.  But I’d like to say respecting his leadership is part of loving him.  GOD create man before woman.  That order means something.  Leadership in GOD’s eyes is actually not lording over but a loving, servant type leadership.  A gentle, patient leading…not pushing or forcing.

Just My Take – Parable of the Sower


I’d just like to say a few things about this parable:

Many preachers get it right by saying this is about your heart condition.  Is your heart in a good condition to receive the seed of GOD’s Word’s of Truth?

Your heart condition is how sinful is your heart.  If you have a very sinful heart…you will not be able to understand Words of Spiritual Truth. (more…)

God ‘knows’ everybody

I was thinking one day.  ‘Doesn’t GOD know everybody, since He is Omniscient, and yes, He created everyone and everything?”

That’s true isn’t it?

And aren’t we supposed to be like our Father?

Then why is it, that someone whom you met, or are acquaintences with gets a ‘look away’ from you.  Or maybe you don’t take the time to say hello, when you know you should? (more…)

Back to the Church!

Lately, we’ve been discouraged and disappointed with the Church.  But we’re okay now.  Just wanted to say that.

Absent From Church

I confess, I’ve been absent from Church…and it hasn’t made much difference in my life.

My life is still centered around GOD, and my immediate family, and a few friends.

Makes me think.

I still associate with other professing Christians in fellowship, and in good relationship with GOD (at least at my end).  I don’t feel that different than when I was going.

My life is very busy, because I’m newly married and my kid is still very young, so there isn’t much difference.

GOD loves gays

Try that on for size.

It is true, the Bible actually says very little about homosexuality, which is a very big thing right now.  I got that from watching ‘Religulous’, a movie by atheist Bill Maher.  In this movie he brings up some very good questions!  He makes some of us brothers and sisters look foolish, but we should be prepared to give good answers about our faith.

Please forgive me as I stumble through this post.  But I feel this must be said, in light of all that is currently said in Christiandom regarding the Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Community.

First of all…GOD is love.  He is always kind, and generous.  I believe that GOD wants everyone to have the best life possible, whatever that may be.  In the Word, it is said that he causes the sun to shine on all, and the rain to fall on all.  On all who believe and those that don’t.  On those that obey with all their heart, and those that don’t. (more…)

Job, the man

I was stricken with an illness that left me weakened and very sleepy for the last few days.  Boy, did I not feel myself.  I also had mild anxiety attacks that I would be this way for a very long time.  Something, my productive self is not comfortable with.  I still don’t know exactly what happened, but I have an idea.  And will do all I can to prevent this from happening again.  I didn’t like it. (more…)