SIn9le 2 Married

So you’re moving from being single to married?  You’re around late twenties to early thirties?  I’m 38.  I married at 35.  Really late, I know.  In retrospect, after being in marriage for a few years, what would I do differently?  Mind you, I’m spewing from a traditional perspective.

When I was single, I was really looking hard for my ‘one’.  Looking back, I was seemingly obsessed.  A lot of it was feelings of inadequacy, peer pressure, loneliness, boredom, DESIRE FOR SEX, need for fulfillment.  A lot of things.  That’s why when you do get married,  I say, “don’t mess it up!”  You may in the heat of the moment want to throw it all away.  But, look at how much a marriage means to you.  It’s not just a body, it’s more than having someone to love, it’s really the whole enchilada.

Somethings I would look out for, just me by the way:

-1) Pick someone who is committed.  Not crazy!  I mean someone who is a faithful and patient person.  Someone who doesn’t bail out at the first sign of difficulty or trouble.  Why?  Because believe it or not, although I married someone a lot like me, she and I still had a ton of differences.  To work through everything and get to know each other takes commitment.  We even fought a lot, but we still stayed together.  And I’m much better for it.  Committed and a person of their word.  Integrity is important.

0) Pick someone who loves you for you.  Not what you can give.  Sometimes we’re willing to marry someone because we want to be married so bad.

0.5) If it doesn’t feel right, if you’ve seen the signs that’s she’s not right.  Then she’s not right for you.  Break it off. (more…)

Doing Life

UncleNinoPosterAfter watching, Uncle Nino, a movie about doing life with more concern for the people in our lives.  I was prompted to post.

What a great message to some of those living in the United States of America.  Those of us chasing the American Dream.

In the movie, we see the father of the family, too busy to take care of his family.  His heart is good.  He is working hard to provide good things for his family.  But, what the family also needs is his presence.  They need his leadership.  They need his love. (more…)

Nuances of Taiwanese Culture

I just came back from a trip to Taiwan and I am Taiwanese, so Taiwan is on my mind right now.

Just some of my observations about Taiwanese:

1)Some Taiwanese don’t like cold, cold drinks.  It goes back to the belief that you have ‘heat’ or energy in your body.  Drinking cold drinks would extinguish the fire within you.  Not good for your health according to some sources.  In the US, most everyone likes ice cold drinks.  It’s refreshing!  I went to Taiwan when it was hot.  Its a dry heat.  And that makes your throat drier.  When I desperately wanted a cold, refreshing drink, I sometimes got a meagerly cool one.

2) Taiwanese are on the whole thin people.  I weigh 250+ pounds.  So I stood out like a sore thumb.  Mainly, its diet.  Taiwanese eat small portions.  They eat a little rice, mostly veggies and tofu.  Taiwanese also like to walk a lot.  Many Taiwanese like to go to parks in their free time and ‘sanpo’ (walk around).  They also drink a lot of tea.  Black tea and green tea.  Although there are soft drinks galore in Taiwan, the local taste is still iced teas.  There are many shops that serve refreshments including iced teas, iced drinks, shaved ice, and ice cream.  Tea ups your metabolism, curbs appetite, and also is generally good for your health.

3) I did not know that the cost of living in Taiwan is much lower than the U.S.  Salaries are lower too.  The average salary is about $1000 USD per month.  You can have a meal for $1-2 dollars.  Rents are about half the cost in the U.S.  The lower tier workers usually make about $4-$5 dollars/hour.  In my opinion, this makes Taiwan a good place to own a business.  Even commercial rents are low.  There are a lot of people in Taiwan.  Lot of competition, but lots of people.

4) Taiwanese families like to live together.  I think Filipino and Mexican families are a like.  It is not strange that a 30 year old unmarried person would still be living at home.  It is expected that you take in your aged parents.  They raised you and took care of you, so when they are old its time to return the favor.  These can be a cause of tension.  Usually, say if a 30+ unmarried man is living at home (confession: that was me), the Dad usually wants him out as soon as possible.  About grandpas and grandmas living in a home, sometimes husbands and wives will fight over whose parents will live with them.  Usually wives (daughters) want to be ‘shao’  (孝, a Chinese virtue) or ‘good, honoring kids’ so she wants to take care of the parents.  Women are so good. 

5) Taiwanese love David Hasselhoff.  Oh wait…that’s the Germans.  :)

Superpost, Matthew 25 – Be prepared, be working, be helpful, To Be p.3


Remember, I’ve been thinking of what we might be doing while we’re waiting on the LORD.  I posted ‘Be the Salt’ and ‘Be Religious’.  Now we have a superpost.  Hope you’ll follow along.  Matthew 24 talks about waiting for Jesus Christ to return.  We will not know when.   JC will come ‘like a thief in the night’.  Our LORD and GOD, Jesus Christ, will come in power!  It will be a glorious scene with Him and his angels coming to harvest the world.  He’ll be in the sky, and his angels will come wisk you away.  So JC wants us not to be decieved.  When He returns you’ll know how and there will be no confusion that, yup, that’s GOD!

SO before then what else are we supposed to be doing? (more…)

The Law of the Tithe

I feel this information is so important so I’m posting.  And I’ll regularly repost this material.  I have an e-book on tithing that is downloadable to the right.  It was very well written by Graeme Carle from New Zealand.  And don’t worry I got permission for him/his wife to host it.

Have you ever been confused about the tithe?  Then let’s look at Deuteronomy 14:22 -29. (more…)

What to Expect from Guam?


You’re in the military, or coming here for some other work-related reason from the United States?  Yes?

You will either love it or hate it.

It looks different/nice: All the palm and coconut trees.  This black algae gets on all the building making it look dirty.  No tall buildings.  No highways.  35 mph speed limit everywhere.  We have power, water, cable, phones, internet.  But it’s pretty dark at night; no street lights.  The buildings are all concrete boxes.  Same types of cars.  Most of the people are brown or yellow.  But no one will look at you strangely if you are Caucasian, African-American, or Hispanic.  Guam is a truly diversified place tolerant of racial differences. (more…)

Just My Take – Parable of the Workers


“So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” WHAT?

This parable is from Matthew 20.  The reason why I’m writing is that I’ve heard two times that this parable is about how people who accept Christ early and those who accept Him late, say on the death-bed, are equal in that they both receive heaven from Christ.  I’ve heard it twice, so I thought it must be right.  But when I thought about it more…that doesn’t makes sense.  Is the denarius = heaven?  Why are the people who worked all day (early acceptors of Christ) complaining?  The landowner, who must be the King or Jesus or GOD, seems upset at the ones that worked all day.  Is Jesus upset at those who accept Him early in life?  I’ve never heard anyone who accepted Christ early complain of unfairness that someone accepted the LORD before they died.  Instead they rejoiced!  You see what I see? (more…)