Commentary on the Major Prophets

Please, let’s start with Ezekial, who was said to might have been the son of Jeremiah, the prophet.  You’ll start to see that a lot of characters in the Bible are related.  It is a family ‘biz’, this business of saving and uplifting mankind.

Ekekial describes GOD, so you will know it is GOD, or most likely you believe it.  Only the truth within you can tell you.  GOD gives him a scroll of lament, mourning, and woe to eat.  And it tasted sweet.  This is the ‘gift of tears’ that people talk about.  Why can a prophet do this?  Because GOD makes this work sweet for the prophet.

It’s interesting that GOD tells him, he is being sent to the people of Israel.  Isn’t he an Israelite?  Something to think about.  Are all prophets from the stars just as Abraham was shown?  I’m now finished with Ezekial 3.  By the way, my humble opinion that the glory of the LORD was a flying saucer of some sort that was in the form of the Heavenly Throne Room, or Mer-Ka-Bah.

Ezekial must have been a strange person.  He was now tasked as a watchman, someone who warns others of their sin, whether they listen or not is up to them.  And he was shut in.  When he was shut in, that signified that people were not listening, who?  The collective people of Israel, the elite actually.  For the exiles were the nobility of Israel that King Nebucanezzar took as his captives as Kings usually do to demonstrate his dominion over an area/people.

Ezekial 4, we see the ‘magician’ or ‘voodoo’ of the Prophet of Israel.  If we saw someone do that today, wouldn’t we consider that person putting a curse on someone or something?  But what you don’t know, is that in the spiritual we are all naked.  And all the thoughts, ideas, plans you have are totally transparent to all others.  Ezekial most likely did not do this in the town square, but simply in his house or apartment.  Because remember, he was shut in.

We see that he had to ‘pay’ for the sins of Israel and Judah.  So he was a Christ, just as the LORD Jesus was.

Ezekial 4:9-16 – Ezekial was to be the example of how to eat.  A believer of vegetarianism, GOD even says that bread is not the pure food he prescribed for us.  Israel and Judah would be starved, but not really, b/c GOD was simply purifying them.

Ezekial 5, GOD’s razor of judgement.  GOD warns Israel, but here I hear GOD’s love.  He is telling his rebellious children that He is going to punish them.  ‘GOD allowed them to fall, so as to instruct the nations around them.’  Today, GOD most likely would not do that, but that’s where the nations were in their ‘evolution’ back then.

Ezekial 8. idolatry in the Temple of the LORD.  Without giving it all away, let me say.  Adultery, wrong diet, worshipping of idols, worshipping of a different name than given in the Temple, the main point is they had as a people become wayward and self-loathing, and angry and violent.

We are beyond the idolatry of the past.  We are faithful now.  So, we must now open our minds to the fact that there are many Divine Beings.  Not just one guy.  It is confusing.  The glory of GOD, talking about fighting, killing, and judgement, is most likely the Son of GOD (the Son is the radiance of the glory of GOD) or Michael the Commander of GOD’s Army.

In Ezekial 12, the word of GOD, is a different character or personage.  The word or Logos has a different function.  In Ezekial 12:12, we see that the word has revealed that Ezekial, the lowly prophet, the nobody, was actually THE PRINCE of Israel.

Ezekial 13: False Prophets Condemned.  Here I understand false visions and lying divinations to mean – they didn’t receive any visions at all or anything ‘trippy’ really happened.  They just made it up, lied, to get people to give them money and prestige and follow them.  That is bad in GOD’s book.  But prophets are born not made, so they did not submit to GOD’s program.  They did not follow GOD’s ‘difficult’ plan and training program for them, and instead they fake it.  People can tell a prophet.  But people often cannot tell a real prophet or false one, b/c everyone is in the matrix, or the world system.

Ezekial 14 is talking about a State of a Nation.  When the people are not faithful to their spouses, have mistresses or menstresses (sp?), are lyiers, and THEN they even make the prophets whores by consulting with them.  Then you know that the ruling classes of the country is in exile.  Just look around at the different nations.  On a whole, are any of them like this?  Those who consult mediums or prophets are often the ruling class.  Every king has his prophet.  So when all the kings and prophets pay for their sins, or clean up their lives.  Then the country will be made whole again.  If the four horsemen are in a place, that place is condemned.  It is literally hell on earth.  Some of the people that are there are deserving.  Some of the people there need to rise and be the priests, for the Mercy Hand of GOD is powerful!  The Word says that the land must be redeemed by the people helping themselves.  But, true priests of GOD will in their labors of love intercede for the people.

Ezekial 15 – Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches.”  Ezekial was made useless, so that the people could be useful.  Ezekial was being burned for the sins of the people.

In Ezekial 17 – We see GOD telling Ezekial to tell a parable, remind you of someone else?  Ezekial the Christ.  It is the end times, and the Comforter is with me, so I wil reveal to all who will listen.  Ezekial was the rightful heir of Israel.  But, something was happening.  The King of Babylon, Nebucannezar, in this passage, GOD says was His Instrument.  So, Israel was being ‘punished’ by GOD through Babylon.  The brother of Jehoichin (Ezekial, must be) was on the throne and would break the oath with Babylon.  This was prophecy.  Ezekial would die a shameless and honorless death in Babylon to pay for the royal family’s (and Israel, collectively) disobedience.  But,

We should be trying to trace if Ezekial had any descendents.  That would bring the royal line back to Israel and to Jesus Christ.  It is my hunch that Ezekial had other children in Babylon and they spread out throughout the world and lived in different civilizations and countries.  One would move to America, and we see that in Amaru, who was Scottish and taught the Incas in Peru.  So, we now know that the royal line of Israel (Judah) is in America (U.S.).  And that could be an explanation of why the America is so prosperous.  It has help from above.  And it is fulfilling a plan.

At this point, I’d like to interject, that we should be trying to figure out is who?  Who is the glory of the GOD?  Does he/she have a name?  Who is the Word?  Who is the LORD?  Who is the LORD GOD?  Who is the Sovereign LORD?  Do they have Names?  Are they people?  Do they have rank?  Do they have a certain function?  Do they have limits in what they can do?

Back on track, Ezekial 18, we see here – that,

We are judged by GOD, strictly on what we do.  There is not much more than that.  What about tithes and offerings?  They do, they count, because GOD is very kind.  But the only way NOT to die, is to STOP doing what you are doing.  Did Jesus come and die?  Yes!  I hope you believe that, because if you don’t, you don’t believe that GOD is gracious and merciful and really, really wants to help you and cover you.  He will walk with you, and teach you, but you will pay for everything eventually.  If you didn’t, where is the growth?  Where is justice?

I’d like to add that GOD is not hard, hard, hard.  And is not willing to lift a finger to help and put a burden on you?  If you really want to change, but don’t really know how.  Pray, ask, and someone will be sent to you to help.

Ezekial 19, the lament is that Israel had to thrown down in fury.  Right now, Israel is still not whole.  Why?  It sounds like Israel raise up some of the strongest ‘Lions of Judah’, but they were not taught right.  And b/c so, they were captured by the nations around them.  Why did they not listen to their Father?  Who threw them down?  Their Father.  Think the movie ‘Thor’.  All-Father Odin (that is our Heavenly Father, don’t let the names throw you), threw down basically demoted His Heir, Thor for His disobedience.  They didn’t listen b/c of some kind of cosmic imbalance.  This imbalance is that the Man did not love His Wife.  Man did not treat the Woman like the Queen and His Equal.

Not to pick on Christianity, and some segments of Judaism, but where is the Heavenly Mother?  We have women on earth, but where is she in the Holy Scriptures.  It is one thing to say She is Hidden for protective reasons, but it is another thing altogether if she is ignore, shoved to the side, or just plain dismissed even.

In verses here we hear, GOD call Ezekial ‘son of man’.  Wasn’t this the same term that Jesus called Himself?  So, who is Ezekial?  Or who was Ezekial?

From 23-29 verses, we see that a real prophet is a prince.  What does that mean?  After reading this far, allow me to share some insights.  In Israel, just like the U.S., there was a tri-lateral governing.  The King, the Priest, and the Prophets.  There were actually many princes, many priests, and many prophets.  All are under the watchful eye of GOD and guidance of GOD.  There is a parallel between King and President, Priest and Senator, and Prophet and Justice.  Everything (the Temple, Palace, and Courts, the prophets moved back and forth between the Temple and the Courts of the King) reflected the spiritual mostly condition of the people.  Blessings, life always comes from above.

Ezekial 30:30+31 – This is an important couple of verses.  Even when the (‘land’) as GOD calls it, the leadership is sinning.  If there is a person who is willing to ‘put up a wall, and stand in the gap’, then what the leadership does will not be brought down on their heads.  This person was Ezekial.  He was punished for everyone.  This person was the Michael, LORD Jesus of Nazareth.  Wow.

Ezekial 23 is hard to read.  But now, in light of a kinder, gentler generation:

46 “This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Bring a mob against them and give them over to terror and plunder. 47 The mob will stone them and cut them down with their swords; they will kill their sons and daughters and burn down their houses.

A mob against someone would scare them, tell them they’re doing something wrong.  Stoning is judging or harshly criticizing, cutting down is to humble them, taking their children away and burning down their houses is – losing custody of their kids (might as well kill me) and being without a house or family land (could be living in an apartment or literally homeless).  The sisters Samaria were being made examples, even though they were just kids that didn’t know any better.  They were misled and now they were being punished to be an example to everyone.

Ezekial 33 may need clarification.  The Sovereign is not saying if you are righteous and you slip up one time you will die.  Repentance is the key here.  If you ever make a mistake or sin and you repent, make up for it.  That’s important.  It’s not just saying sorry.  We see here in verse 15 that they have to give back what they took.  Then they will be forgiven.

33 shows us how GOD is like a broken record.  He is so patient.  He just repeats things over and over again.  I should be like that with my kids.

Ezekial 39, we see a parallel, nay the same battle talked about in Revelations.  This is where Gog, the prince of China is pulled by the Sovereign LORD to attack Israel.  BUT,

Prophecy is often what MAY BE, not written in stone.  So, if Gog repents, follows Jesus Christ, and takes a different path, a path of peace and not war.  Then this reality will not happen, despite what the LORD says.  Because Jesus Christ is LORD, Most High, and the Highest!  So, let peace reign!


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