Confessions of China

This page is for the initiated, I hope and pray that the information here is not used to further antagonize culture to culture. I believe that no one has all truth, no religion has all truth, that no culture has all the virtues and treasures. As a wise person once told me, “GOD is fair”. He doesn’t give one person, group, culture, nation, tongue, etc everything, it all. The reason being, is my opinion, is that the Almighty GOD, Blessed be His Name, has created everything to be interdependent or ‘interdependent’, and the best results are realized through mutual respect, teamwork, and sharing.

Although, I will spent many words extolling the benefits and virtues of Chinese culture, there is going to be at length discussions of the weaknesses of Chinese culture. I am able to write and speak to these ‘flaws’ because my background being Chinese, I have grown up as an American citizen. But, please know, that as followers of Christ, everything that defines us, including being Chinese or American takes a backseat, and all dissolves away. The only thing left is that we are all IN CHRIST.

There will be ten pages, following the outline of the Ten Commandments. And a short discussion afterwards of miscellaneous items. Please read on, if you have a call to ministry to China and Chinese people, so you will understand the Chinese mindset.

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