Confession 1

Commandment of the Most High GOD 1 – “No other gods besides me”

The Chinese people are very practical people. They know how to get things done, have very good common sense, are good with money, are good with people, are good managers, have good business sense. Often, the Chinese people that come to America become very, very successful because of their values and good work ethic, and ability to sacrifice.

Right now, the number of Chinese Christians is very high. More and more people are knowing the One True GOD, the GOD of Israel. Why haven’t many people been introduced to the One True GOD? Sometimes, they have heard, but there are spiritual forces working against the ‘enlightenment’ of the Chinese people. The real missionaries, the real ministry to Chinese people, any people who don’t know GOD, is real work. People who don’t know GOD need someone to preach to them, they need someone to want to be with them, to love them, and pray for them.

The whole world at one time, didn’t know the LORD. The only ones that GOD started to reveal Himself to was Abraham, and subsequently the nation of Israel. Although many thousands of years have past, there still are many, many people who don’t know GOD. And even those who know Him, among those, there are many that still struggle with darkness. And there are even many that slip back into the darkness. Why does this happen? Because many are called, but they don’t answer the call to minister to those who need it. The chosen ones of GOD need to shoulder those He puts on their hearts, present them daily to the LORD, to take care of those people, to take care of an area of the world. To be priests and kings of the Most High GOD.

Chinese people when they need money, they pray to the ‘god’ of money. There are many, many ‘gods’ of China. Chinese people worship them, pray to them, and sacrifice to them as gods. But, in their defense, they don’t really know that they aren’t GOD. In Chinese mythology there is the MOST HIGH. But, Chinese, those that don’t know, can only pray to mythological ‘gods’ or their ancestors. To Westerners that is very strange. But, actually it is a practice that is closely related to the prayers to the saints in Catholicism. Chinese people pray to those they know, b/c GOD in His patience in discipline has ‘hidden’ Himself from the Chinese people.

That’s where you come in. What you are going to do, is very, very important. Although being a missionary isn’t glamorous. It is so important because you carry within you the Spirit of the LORD. It is His work that the people who don’t know are preached to. It is His work for you/us that you love and pray for those He puts in your path and hearts and minds.

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