Confession 2

Commandment of the LORD no. 2 – ‘make not idols, don’t bow down and worship them’

Unfortunately, China is one of those places where people still create idols, bow down to them, and worship them as god. This acts are a sign in themselves that they don’t know GOD, that they are in the dark, that they are objects of GOD’s wrath. The True GOD cannot be please about this, for it says in His WORD that He doesn’t like this.

I’m in the place in my faith, where I don’t hate my people for this. They just don’t know. So the question then becomes –

“Who will go?”

The LORD, the LORD looks around all around the whole earth for someone some persons that He can show Himself strong through. Idols are wrong. When I see them, all of them stacked up and lined up like that, I feel and smell the smoky, dark, lifeless tendrils waving and wafting and moving and there. There are spiritual forces there, holding my people in bondage. I’ve learned that these things, like vines that grow all over normally fruit bearing trees, need to be cut loose, and the trees freed from the oppression and hold of the vine.

This practice is spiritual blindness at best. My people just don’t know. And for that I am sorry. They believe that these are gods, they believe that having this figures and worshiping them is the way to gain favor and to connect and communicate with the gods. But they don’t know that the One True GOD has spoken that this practice He does not like. They just don’t know. Who will show them? Who will proclaim (not really prove) to them?

I am willing. Are you?

Those figure are NOT god. The LORD, when He was on the earth, said, that no one has seen the Father, except the LORD, the Son of GOD. The One True GOD does not look like that. When angels have appeared to men, their muted appearances were enough to evoke such fear and awe that men would just fall on their faces in worship and fear. How much more the MOST EXALTED, ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD? As a friend of mine once said, all of creation – us, earth – the angels (good and bad) and heaven – are the created. GOD fills us all, and is even much, much more. He is also outside creation. The adversary, the devil, is if I can use the word, merely, a good angel gone bad, albeit very, very powerful and against us. And he is counted among one of us, the created.

No one has seen the One True GOD, no one knows how High He goes, no mind can understand the heights, depths of Who He Is. Not even the angels. Because of their height and power, the LORD appears more fulLy to them, but even then they do not see the entirety, do not comprehend the fullness of the LORD. We can do the best to write, speak about the LORD, but He is a mystery. Our GOD, the Most High, is knowable by us. By not fully, for He is infinite. But know this, Our LORD is our Creator, He is Most Loving, for He is Love. He Loves all, but shows favor to those who return His Love, and Trust and Obey Him.

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