Confession 3

Commandment of the LORD no. 3 – ‘Use not my Name in vain’

Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD. He has many, many names. GOD is rich in names, and that is how you know He is GOD. He is a Great King. There isn’t a good understanding of this commandment by the church except to say don’t say, “Jesus Christ!”, when you are surprised or angry. The best way I can think of explaining this is that when a woman gets married, she takes her husband’s name. She then becomes his partner in everything, in theory, and is even empowered to conduct on his behalf.

Like that, when we become God’s people, we are his representatives, when we mess up, we make Him look bad. Unfortunately.

We live in a different society now, we don’t hear many people swear, we don’t see witches and warlocks in the good ol’ USA. There are places in Asia where that is normal though. Spiritual people, priests, sorcerers used to use the name of some people to bless or curse or something else. Understand?

This is how secularized and private we, people have become about our faith. And it is not all bad, because faith, religion, spirituality is often reasons for people to have the most bloody fights over. The Chinese people, worship their ancestors and mythical gods, and I’ve heard it gets things done for them, they are blessed. But not as well and perfectly if they just followed the MOST HIGH.

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