Confession 4

Commandment of the LORD no. 4 – Keep the Sabbath

What is the Sabbath and why do we need to keep it anyways? After my studies of the moon, given the controversy with the Seventh Day Adventists, I now practice resting from Saturday sundown to Sunday sundown. As simple as that, the Sabbath is a GOD ordained day of rest for His people. If you are GOD’s people, then on Sunday you will be found resting at home. This is often confusing, because I thought you have to get your butt to church on Sundays. By nature, an obedient body will tend to rest or ‘laziness’ on Saturday or Sunday. And if you need rest, it should be okay to say, “You know what? I’m just going to stay home and recharge my batteries” rather than force yourself to go somewhere, the church when it is a bother.

As you go up higher an higher in your spiritual growth, you can be working in the church service, afterall isn’t that what the priests did, and as a follower of Christ, the LORD of the Sabbath, you can be working, as your Father is always working. GOD knows the heart, and GOD Himself can order you.

Chinese are often too hardworking, too ambitious. I’ve often struggled in my earlier Christian life, because I wanted to make more money, I wanted to make my boss happy. So, I broke the Sabbath and did not stay home.

Again, basically, if you are home on Saturday resting, just chilling, that is a sign to people that you are GOD’s people, because GOD is kind to His people and does not work them so hard. He is no slave driver. Actually, the whole Exodus from Egypt was about delivering His people from slave life and teaching them how to really live and think like free people.

A side note, making money and supporting your family is very important. So, I’m not saying that if you have to work to live to survive on the Sabbath, that GOD won’t understand. You have to do what you have to do.

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