Confession 6

Commandment of the LORD no. 6 – Do not kill,

It seems a straight forward command, and I personal don’t know anyone Chinese or Taiwanese who has killed anyone. But, it happens.

Do Chinese kill more than anyone else? I don’t dare say so. But, a few different sides of the prism can we consider? China is overpopulated, and so there is the one child policy. It is very tragic that any ‘accidental’ births must be aborted. How many lives were lost due to this policy? Also, the Chinese must have sons or rather a son. So much so, that if they have a daughter, and they can only have one child, then it better be a son, and that beautiful life is snuffed out.

I am not the first to say, but allow me to add my voice to those who say, “This is wrong.”

Life is precious, I don’t know why my people don’t see that. But, the stress of survival and the need to chase after a good life and riches always seem to take precedence in the mind-life of the Chinese. A close issue to this and dear to my heart is the human rights abuses and ‘slave mentality’ of the Chinese.

In Asian, I believe that life, people are not valued are not seen as the most precious resources, so that leads to poor treatment of the worker, poor payment of the worker, and why does the rich hold resources instead of distributing among the less capable (of making money) and less fortunate? It is not killing the body, but may be humbly say that this thinking and life for the average person is a quiet and slow snuffing out of the flame of the soul.

Lastly, being someone who believes in animal rights, even. Also, I am a firm believer in a vegetarian diet for maximum health. I am not a purist, but know that G-d allows us to eat all, well, meat tastes good and can be used to flavor good. But, many diseases are the result of constant overeating of unhealthy foods and underwork and too much sleep. I also believe that diseases physical and psychosomatic are the results of accumulation of guilt and ‘fruits’ of sowing wrong (sinning). That aside, killing animals for their meat is allowed but not the best for us. Killing is killing, and that creates the beast in us. If we want to evolve to the next level of man, we need to change our diet. Eating animal flesh for protein works, but plant proteins are even better for us. It is in line with Scripture to eat a vegetarian diet.

Chinese eat everything! Snails, monkeys, snakes, toads, etc. In the Scriptures, certain animals are considered clean and unclean. Don’t eat the unclean animals. Basically, the clean animals are the basic fish, chicken, and beef. Unclean animals make us feel bad and violent, so that adds to the potential hurting and even killing of each other on this good planet Earth.

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