Confession 7

Commandment of the LORD #7 – Do not commit adultery,

Unfortunately, like all great cultures with great men, the Chinese have a history of having second and third wives, concubines, and mistresses.

Growing up in a Christian home, I didn’t know that this was very common. Some of my friends have. But, who am I to judge? In this, the LORD did not want us to follow, b/c people get very upset when you tell them they are doing something wrong.

Why does G-d judge that sexual relationships outside of marriage are wrong? I’m at the stage in my growth where I can say that it is a heart thing. Laws are for the protection of people. At this time, the man would often victimize the woman. If a woman had not a husband, they would basically be destitute and maybe starve to death. This was for the protection and provision of the woman.

Nowadays, woman is able to work and support herself. She is able to live with another woman or even have babies alone by insemination. We live in a very different time. People don’t always want to be committed to another. Free choice and free will is very important. But if you are able to hang in there, I know that staying together and growing together and loving each other and learning about each other is the best way to have someone who really, really loves you in this world. Maybe the only one in the world that loves you more than you love you, besides your parents. :-)

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