Jesus, the Christ, the Real Man,

Today, I see the need for some kind of handbook or manual for the young man. For nowadays, young boys and young men are growing up without a father. Without a dependable and trustworthy male role model, boys, young men will not have a solid understanding of what society expects a young man or man to behave. And so they get feedback from society that they are ‘gay’ or ‘girls’ and if they cannot change, this can have very, very bad results.

My father, a very successful physician, was not around enough for my brothers and I when we were young. He provided for us amply, but what we really needed was him and Him. It is true that whether a child has faith or believes in the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent and All-Loving Father G-d, is whether his or her own father has a good relationship with him or her and that he cares about those kind of spiritual things.

I am no one in particular, yet I am special just as every person is special. A large part of why I tried to take my life, was I was very unhappy with who I was. God knew this, and after my stupid, stupid, stupid act, he was NOT scared or threatened by my quasi-terrorist act, but in His Great Mercy He and I set out to give me the life that I really wanted. It was ALL HIM. Today, I am happy, healthy, whole, and ready to help others.

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