Chapter 1 – The Reality of the World

Have you all seen the Matrix? And its idea of a reality that is not real at all, but is a construct? Well, in a similar way, the manly man or the ideal man is a construct. He really does not exist. But, confidently I can say, that the man, Jesus or Yeshua of Nazareth, around whom all history revolves, was the perfect and REAL MAN. We cannot see Him, but according to the Bible, He is alive and well, in a higher heaven, the highest actually, where He is ruling the Heavens and the Earth.

You might have heard that Jesus is G-d. That is true. How this happened is a mystery. But if you call on Him and believe in Him, He will take you as His own, as He did me, and change your life. Your life will be all it was to be and you will be Heaven on Earth.

So, ends the first chapter. If you really desire to be a REAL MAN. If you desire to really be all you can be. Then, the best way, is to have God’s help. Ask Jesus to be your G-d and to help you be who you want to be and to give you the life you want. But not on your terms, He is going to be your LORD or boss. The strange thing about having G-d as a boss is that you are more FREE than if you tried to go your own way, for no one is truly free.

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