Chapter 3 – A Little History

Who am I? What am I suppose to do with my life? Where am I going after I die? The big three questions.

Everyone needs to find the answers that ‘resonate’ or that they are comfortable with. My answers to these questions may or may not be the same as yours. But I will share my answers. If you don’t have the answers to these questions, you may keep my answers as your own, until you find your own OR if you feel they are the answers, they are YOURS.

Who am I? Believe this, you are a spirit. You are a spirit in a body. You’ve heard the awesome power of spirit beings – angels, demons, etc. But you are one too, just having a good ol’ time in a body – so you have the experience of the physical realm. You also will have the enjoyment of eating, pooping, sneezing, sleeping, sex, having a child, joys of life, etc. You are the spirit of man. Man is a collective. We were created before Heavens and Earth were created. We precede existence, and so we are actually closer to God than other created. That is the secret. But why don’t we remember? We don’t. God deemed it necessary that we forget our preexistence while we learn the lessons we need to learn on the earth.

What am I suppose to do with my life? Believe this, you are to live a good life. But mainly, life is a series of lessons we need to learn. These shape our character. When we are ‘good’ enough, we can ascend to the next level of existence. When we die we actually graduate. The idea of dying or death is not accurate, b/c your ancestors or grandpa or deceased father and mother are actually still alive in spirit. Most likely they are in the same room as you watching over you, guiding you, praying for you, helping you.

Where am I going? That is up to you. If you do well, you will ascend to the next level. Death can also mean a do over. Sometimes, if you don’t do well, you have to come back after you die and try again. That is what the Indians call reincarnation. But, don’t fret, if you think you are reincarnated, it doesn’t mean you are bad or a retard. Some people, God allows to reincarnate over and over again to help other people make it to the next level. These are great teachers and angels – the best!

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