Chapter 4 – Breaking the Cycles

I remember seeing my dad was fat when I was young. I didn’t think it looked good, so I decided I didn’t want to be fat. I was obsessive about weight in my 20s. But now in my forties, I’m also having weight issues. In a similar way, other things such as faithfulness to our marriages, really caring and spending time with our wives, kids, family, not cheating on taxes or business. These things we have to work on and not pass bad values on to our kids. In essence, we need to correct the issues within our own families, so that the next generation can be better and better. Don’t worry about being better than your dad or mom, they want you to be.

The most important thing I am now seeing within the family is to love. That might be too abstract. We all want our kids to listen to us – so they can at least not make the same mistakes. But, the only way kids will really listen is if you listen to them. You have to care about what they care about and give them what they want if possible. Don’t con them, kids are very smart and they know when you are being unfair, not trying, or not doing your best.

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