Chapter 5 – First things,

First things, we are this way (fruity) b/c we didn’t have a father around or we didn’t listen, so we need to first resolve that we will be around for our kids, we will listen to our kids.

Okay, good.

Let’s work on you. Let’s look at you. Let’s start with appearance.

Hair or covering for the head – short hair is manly. Long hair is girly. Coloring hair even lightening is girly. Facial hair manly. Basic hats acceptable to the manly man – any kind of helmets, hard hats, fishing hats, baseball hats (boyish), fedoras, cowboy hats (but since the coming out of Brokeback Mountain, the movie, is questionable), and visors.

Jewelry or any kind of adornments – are … girly. A nice watch is good. Rings are good.

Style is in general, and my suggestions are general and you still have to use your own judgements and sensibilities – style in general is girly. Fashion is girly. Nothing too colorful. Nothing too flashy. Nothing too tight. Nothing too revealing. A collared shirt is more adult. Long pants are more manly and boots.

Size: Larger is more manly. So fat girls are more masculine. Skinny guys are considered girly especially by fat girls. Even fat guys are considered girly. You have to be big and muscular. But even muscularity can be vain. Some bodybuilders are all show. Some are farmers and construction workers and then on top of that they body build, that’s very cool. The point is STRENGTH and POWER is masculine. And the ability to WORK is masculine, ACTION is masculine. The ability to make things happen is masculine. Quite often people have plans, they have ideas, but it never becomes reality. That means the power to create reality; the action is lacking.

Proportions: Men usually have bigger foreheads, bigger noses, bigger chins and jawlines. They have bigger ears, thick necks, large shoulders and trapezoids. The chest, I’m finding does not need to be big, but big arms is masculine. A large back shows true strength and ability to work and do difficult things. The waist should not be fat but not very small. A tiny waist is feminine. Hips should be small as large hips look like child-bearing hips. The legs should be strong, but not too large. A manly man should look kind of ‘top heavy’, or like an upside down triangle. Feet and hands should be large, the only way that happens is if you work with your hands.

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