Chapter 6 – Eating,

This is a subject of debate. Most manly men will eat copious amounts of meat and potatoes, and wash it down with a barrel of ale.

I am a vegetarian, and that has Biblical basis to it, and will be another booklet. But, mainly, you need to eat enough protein to build muscle. If you have enough muscle, all you really need to eat is carb – which is rice or potatoes and vegetables for vitamins and minerals and fiber.My take on eating meat is that it is not eating the best. There is much fat and cholesterol, so when you are up for your triple bypass heart surgery you will remember why. Eating meat is eating a lower quality food, b/c it is dead. It is also decaying and there is blood in it. When God created man He created the plants for us for food. So, that is our ideal food. Eating meat is also unkind, so there are soul and spiritual consequences for eating that.

The best drink is water. Everything else in moderation. People will tell you all kinds of things that men should eat, but this is how I eat, and it’s really up to you.

Men should be able to take care of themselves. So if you really must cook, then I would just eat things out of the can or microwave stuff. Or eat things raw. But, if you have a woman in your life, oh how blessed you are. Treat her well b/c she doesn’t really need to be with you. She can go to the grocery for you (girly), cook delicious food for you (cooking is somewhat girly), and buy cookware, utensils, and dishes (girly). A manly man probably would only have one bowl, dish, cup, and spoon, fork, and knife.

Eating at a restaurant is somewhat girly and I’ll explain why. The way it usually works is eating out is a reward for the family. If your wife is tired of cooking for you, then eating out is the reward and break from her work. Don’t enjoy eating out too much because it is always better to eat at home. Sure, the restaurant may be more attractive, delicious, and have better atmosphere and hardware than at home, but the home should be a safer and more comfortable place. The food at restaurants is delicious but often not that healthy; you can’t eat that food every day, it’s too rich. Also, because of financials, food at restaurants is served hot, but not always the freshest. You also don’t know who is preparing your food, and eating out costs a lot of money these days. Eating at a restaurant is VERY GOOD for meeting up with people. But when you know someone, they should be able to meet with you at your or their homes.

In general, men should be able to eat a lot. But, men should also be able to fast. A true, real man. A spiritual man is able to survive on very little too. It is a discipline. We need to feed ourselves the best. They say garbage in, garbage out. But, if you can eat garbage and then output miraculous, artful work and service that is even better. So purity is not always where it is at.

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