Chapter 7 – Sleeping, Pooping, and Other Functions,

So how about how to sleep? Well, I was taught that you sleep like you are in a casket. Like you are dead – looking up at the ceiling, body aligned, hands folded on your chest. That is good for your back. If you dare, move towards sleeping on the floor. That is even better for your back.

Too much sleep is girly, i.e. girls and their beauty sleep. I’ve found that abstaining or controlling your sleep is also a discipline. Can you wake up anytime? Can you not sleep for a couple days and not miss a beat or become irritable?

Basically though sleep should be controlled and rationed like food or water. It is best to wake early, so sleeping early is good. Consistency is key. Sleep at the same time every night, and you will train yourself to become more and more efficient at sleeping. But, having a couple nights out late is good for changing up the routine and having some fun. But, if you work for someone or a company than Sunday night you should sleep early again to get back in good rhythm for the work week. Your sleep environment should be dark, cool, and peaceful, and boring (not bright, busy, or distracting). Taking a shower before, a massage, or drinking milky liquids or solids will help. Having exercised recently will keep you up, so don’t workout 3 hours before your bedtime, they say. Also, if you are hungry you will not be able to sleep. Don’t drink coffee before you sleep. Don’t watch television, that will excite your brain and the neurons in your eyes. You need to relax to sleep.

If you can poop standing up, then do that. If you can poop outside in the woods then do that. You shouldn’t poop or pee too much. That is girly. When I was working for someone else, I never took a shit or piss at work. I held it. I could hold it like a dog and only poo or pee once a day. But that’s not really healthy. I think a normal amount of excretion is one for every meal you eat. So if you want to impress people as manly with your pee or poo – the poo should be a massive amount like a bear shit. And your pee should be like a river. Don’t pee fast, you have to confidently let it out. Slowly and steadily and it should take a long time almost a minute. That’s a manly pee that’s been held all day. Being scared of dirt or poop is girly. A man is a farmer and farmer sling shit. When you have a baby or dog, you’ll know. Poop is poop. It kind of stinks but basically it is processed food, nothing more. Dirt is a combination of things, none of which are really bad.

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