No Prophets Info Here

Just that if you have found this website, most likely you ARE a prophet or are heavily gifted with the gift of prophecy.


Happy Bday Dad,

Alright, let’s start with my definition of a prophet.  Really, they are like snowflakes, no two alike.  But basically they can be the Voice of GOD.  They are those through whom GOD choose to reveal things.

If you feel, know you have the gift or just plain IS a prophet, then please continue on,

Why do you want to be a prophet?  Motive is very important.  Anything short of pure love and devotion will not yield the Christ life that GOD wants for us.  Are you ready?  I can attest that the training is nothing short of excruciating.  You will be amazed at what GOD does with you, but you won’t feel proud, you will be nothing and you will be all.  Another way to say it is you will just be what GOD wants you to be.  A channel or conduit of His Light and Love, Love and His Light.

Most prophets do not handle money.   They may advise someone gifted in stewardship, but don’t really do the day to day.  Prophets do rank high in the spiritual world, but if you live in the real world you will feel like a L-O-S-E-R.

Early training may drive you crzee.  Many people are not able to handle the aural and audio quality and capacity of GOD’s Voice.  Prophets ‘hear’ GOD in a more audible sound and it usually puts young prophets in the Institutions of Mentality.  So be kind to those locked up.  They may just need some time.

Consistent with the love and devotion idea, be prepared to be stripped of everything you hold dear.  Currently I don’t ‘need’ anything.  I love everything and everyone and have work and relationships, but if I had to momentarily put down something or some person as GOD asks, I do.  It was very difficult for me to get to this point.  GOD slowly took everything away from me.  But He/She did replace them all with suitable versions of what I wanted.  In the end (or now, it’s actually not over yet),  I realized I didn’t need any of it.  The things that I would have fought to the death for, given my arm, tooth or nail for, now, I don’t need them.  GOD provides abundantly all the time.  Even when you don’t have, you really have.  You just need eyes to see, ears to here, and your two hands and feet.  Then you only need GOD, are only motivated by GOD, and don’t have any conflicting interests or loyalties.

A prophet is a truly liberated individual.  We see things more clearly and for that reason we cry.  The world is in more darkness than you realize.  But we know, that the FORCES OF GOD are much, much great than the darkness.  And so we do not fear the bad, immature.  We are very soft hearted people, for our hearts have been prepared to produce a good crop for the LORD.  Because we are very sensitive, we often do not have many friends.  We often need to be alone, because our Best Friend is GOD.  We are often seemingly hard and judging in our early days.  That is immaturity.  I’m starting to see that Love does not dishonor.  For those being led to the light are sensitive about their deeds.  The fact that they are hurt by the truth shows they love the light and that the want to know right from wrong.  We should reward them with greater sensitivity in how we say things and correct most gently.

Since these are the Last Days, I am instructed to answer any questions you have about prophecy, Remember, I’m not charging for this. Just post a question and I’ll answer ASAP. If you don’t ask the question, I won’t answer and you won’t learn. Don’t ask and less work for me. Just ASK!

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